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17 May 2010 @ 10:43 am
Crossroad Complexities (Aiba Fic) -Day 2 (Part2)  

× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.


Day 2 (Part2) -So her name is...

“Do you think Riida wouldn’t mind?” Meisa asked as they both entered the car. Aiba revealed he slipped the black book out of Riida’s place without him knowing.


“No, I hope not, well I’ll just slide this inside his bag when we get together in a green room,  I’m sure he’ll not notice it.” Aiba placed the book on top of the steering wheel and started browsing, “The nearest one in our place right now is….” He ran his finger on the black book but then stopped.


“Dooshite?” Meisa asked, Aiba closed his lips and looked at Mei not sure if he should ask it.


“You bought a painting from Riida right?” he asked, Meisa nodded, his ear lurched. “So clearly, were you excited?”


“Yeah I kinda felt like that, like I’m really happy, why?” Mei noticed Aiba was getting serious.


“Ok.” Aiba started his engine.


“Finish what you are about say.” Meisa leaned to see Aiba’s face.


“Nothing.” Aiba shook his head and continued driving. Meisa kept on bugging him every time he turns for corners and in the end, he couldn’t help but crack “FINE! GET THIS! It means you know Arashi, and that means….” He stopped, swallowed and frowned…


“That means?” Meisa wondered why her channel is frowning.




“Ahahahaha! Are you jealous?” Meisa asked, Aiba looked at her in horror and she ended up laughing more. “ OH GOD, YOU ARE JEALOUS!”


“HELL NO! WHY WILL I BE JEALOUS! YOU’RE A GHOST! HOW CAN I BE JEALOUS! THAT’S SO PATHETIC! EWW!” Aiba screamed on the top of his lungs, deafening Meisa.


“Shut your pie hell. I get the point, you’re not jealous! Okay? You are damn not.” Meisa stopped Aiba from freaking out. “But Ohno is indeed cute, ne?” Meisa teased Aiba.


“WHATEVER! Alrao;ifcn;wlhf;oiwanhf;szfcnzslchnsjxk! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!” Aiba started ranting incomprehensible words that deafens Meisa’s ear.


“KYAAA!” she screamed as they drove off.


The whole day as spent roaming one address after another, Aiba will ring the door bell, Meisa will stand in front of the door. Since Meisa is invisible (duh she’s a ghost), once the door opens Meisa will quickly look inside the house while the owner steps out to check who knocked or rang the bell. (Meisa is still freaked out about passing through doors, saying it gives her a sharp itchy feeling afterwards, so they both opted for this immature but highly effective way) Once Meisa figures it’s not the house she dreamt about she’ll step out quickly before the owner closes the door.


Aiba and Meisa were now in a gas station fuelling his car.


“KYAAAA!” Meisa was now again feeling desperate, the sun is about to go down, Aiba was coughing while he was reading the entire entry. “This is bad, it’s nearly sun down and we’re not even close!” She fears that her second day’s gonna past again without any chance of clarity.


“Nice.” Aiba whispered, Meisa turned around and saw him focused on the book. “Anou,  the third house we went before we had our gas refilled is the one with the gaijin right?”


“U-huh and your point is?” Meisa nodded and Aiba grinned wider.


“Cool! I’ll ask her out, Riida even has her number! This is not just a purchase log! This is a black book of all cute girls in Tokyo! Riida’s a genius!” Aiba beamed, much to Meisa’s annoyance.


“WHAT THE! I HATE YOU!” Meisa screamed startling Aiba, who is now sporting an in-ear bluetooth device just in case he talks out loud so people wouldn’t think he’s talking to himself.


“Why!?” he closed the book shut.




“NANDE?!” A bystander totally scared with eye ready to pop out of its socket gasped when he saw the car door slammed on its own.


“Ah hahaha!” Aiba laughed and quickly took the gas tube out of his tank and closed it and went inside the car.


Meisa was crying and Aiba noticed it, he felt guilty he took out a tissue and offered it to her.


“Stupid, I can’t use tissue.” Meisa wrapped her arms around her body.


“I know, but I still want to offer it to you.” He gestured to put the tissue closer towards her face.


“You’re insulting me…” Meisa glared at him, Aiba gave a soft smile.


“I’m not, I am doing this not because I want to insult you, I’m doing this cause I sincerely wish to dry your tears and calm you. I’m sorry ‘tis my bad.” Aiba pouted and looked like a sad puppy feeling guilty.


“I just… I just know that we went through all those addresses inside that book but we still have not find that house who knew me. I feel helpless.” Meisa’s eyes were getting drowned with tears.


“Don’t be, if God finds a way for us to be stuck together, then he will also find a way for us to solve all of these problems.” Aiba then slowly placed his palm against Meisa’s cheeks.


“How does it feel holding me? Ice-cold?” She expected for Aiba to agree or make fun of her but then Aiba just smiled.


“Feels like holding a vulnerable cute girl who happens to cry a lot, and needs to be reminded to smile though your heart is breaking cause when there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by.” Aiba assured her, then slowly put down his hand which are now pale due to the coldness.


“That’s a song huh.” She smiled.


“Yeah Jun’s favorite and Sho’s as well….and just a few of the American songs I listen to.” Aiba smiled then started the engine. “I have that song in a CD, wait.” Aiba started looking for a CD when, “Uh-oh, the book!” the book fell on the car floor and even passed through Meisa’s feet. “Gomen!” Aiba stopped the car and picked it up; fearing that the book passing through Mei might offend her. “Are?!” Aiba noticed a paper slipped out of the book then slowly he picked it up. “One last address…”


“Say what?” Mei looked at the paper.


“We have one last address left! Let’s go!” Aiba smiled so wide. “I know that look…”


“What look?” she covered her mouth.


“That’s the look of doubting! Stop doubting and start believing. Remember smile no matter what!” Aiba cheered then drove off.


They finally reached the house, Aiba and Meisa stood in front of the door.


“Ready?” Aiba asked, Meisa nodded and knocked then ran towards the nearby bush and hid behind it.


“Hello?” A lady answered.


And as if slow motion, Meisa’s heart leapt and a smile appeared on her face—the lady closed the door, Aiba went straight to see Mei unsure if he’ll see another sad and disappointed girl however, this time she was smiling. She turned and faced him teary-eyed. She nodded for confirmation.


“It’s her.” She can’t help but smile and cry at the same time.


Aiba nodded then knocked another time.


“What!?” The lady opened the door again, “Uwa….” She covered her mouth to see Aiba Masaki standing in front of her. “Ma…masaki?”


“Hai, can I ask a few questions?” Aiba asked, the lady nodded and ushered them inside.




“So you want to know if I recently sell a photo of Satoshi-san?” she asked when she finished serving teas and sat in front of Aiba and Mei. “Yes I did, a day ago.”


“A day ago?” Aiba beamed as if feeling a jackpot, “Can you tell me how’d you know this person and how’d she contact you? Her name or her address?”


Mei held her breath waiting for her response.


“I…I wish I could, but she was just referred to me by someone…you know in our fandom we usually just contact by messages and I’m sorry I informed a lot of people that I am selling a Freestyle painting and she just happened to just popped in and personally asked me if she can buy it. She said she’d rather make transaction personally rather than by mails.” She explained, Meisa closed her eyes and felt disappointment coming in again.


“Personally?” Aiba asked.


“Yes. Unlike other buyers who prefer mailing or messages, she was really persistent, a really determined girl.” She smiled.


“Persistent huh? Seriously ma’am, you have no idea HOW PERSISTENT SHE CAN BE!” Aiba giggled, Meisa found this annoying cause obviously Aiba’s making fun of her again that she decide to poke his head with her hand. “AH COLD!”


“Are you ok?” the lady leaned away when Aiba stood up and rubbed his ear.


“Yes.” He glared at Meisa who was now looking away. “So don’t you even know her name?”


“Well she said her name is Natsumi.” she said the stopped, nodded “Yeah Natsumi, she said that.”


When they exited the house, Aiba left a signature in a promise that the girl will not reveal to the world what had just happened. Aiba saw Meisa standing at the end of the balcony, right in front of stairs. They weren’t to find anything much today and the seller was totally guilty that she was not able to be of help.


“Natsumi?” he asked, although it felt weird that he was now used to using Meisa as her name, he walked beside her. She was staring as the sun slowly sets. “Daijoubu?”


She clasped her chest as the sun sets and the sky slowly turns into a shade of dark blue..


“My name is Natsumi, I’m Natsumi….a fan of Ohno Satoshi right? I bought a painting and said I want to buy something more. I’m a big spender, aren’t I!?” she said, catching Aiba off guard and made him snort into laughter (he was expecting Meisa to be serious).


“Let’s go home Natsu---“ Aiba said cause it’s getting late anyways.


“Meisa.” She finished his sentence then looked at Aiba, “I’d rather be referred to as Meisa than Natsumi….”


“Meisa.” Aiba smiled, she nodded then Aiba showed her the way and they both went down the stairs. Though Meisa and Aiba failed to know more about who she is, she is at least able to know her name.


The night sky came as they drove home; Aiba found the CD and started playing the song as Meisa lean on the car seat and stare at the stars.


“The 2nd day is over…” she said with a pain stabbing her chest.


“Yeah, it’s done.” Aiba said and slowly drive away, somehow he wanted to drive slower as if it’ll make the night go slower and prevents the 3rd day from coming. As the song plays, the chorus lingered inside the car:


“Smile though your heart is aching,

Smile even though it’s breaking,

When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by...”


Meisa smiled when she turned around….Aiba was bobbing his head as he relaxes along the song…


“If you smile through your pains and sorrow,

Smile and maybe tomorrow,

You’ll see the sun come shining through, for you….”


Aiba noticed that Meisa was smiling at him…he giggled…


“Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be so ever so near…”


That moment, there was never a moment in Meisa’s life that she wanted to thank God that her channel is this baka who currently is driving, who bobs his head to the tune right now, the baka that has ideas of a five year old, who is grumpy when wakes up, who coughs a lot recently and who freaks out in the smallest thing….


“That’s the time you must keep on trying,

Smiling what’s the use of crying.

You’ll find the life still worth while, if you just smile…”


But this baka taught her the most beautiful lesson in the world….the lesson of smiling.


purple.torishyathetagal13 on May 17th, 2010 04:48 am (UTC)
I just read this story! Really cute and sweet! Aiba-chan and a cute ghost huh. They are getting really close. Hahax. I hope she finds her past ^^
iemkhayeiemkhaye on May 17th, 2010 04:53 am (UTC)
yey, thank you for taking the time to read this =), i'll write the third day soon thank you!! =)
hwee127hwee127 on May 17th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
its a totally different kind of story!!
I love it...
hope that you'll find more inspirations to bring the story up to the end....

arashikimarashikim on May 19th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
So meisa's real name is natsumi..

hwaaahh! love this story.. thank you sooo much for sharing.. and i hope to read more of your works,, GANBARRE ate! v(^O^)v