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17 May 2010 @ 10:38 am
Crossroad Complexities (Aiba Fic) -Day 2 (Part1)  

× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.

Day 2 (Part1) – So her name is...


A brown door…




“Coming!!” a lady replied. She feels excited and can’t help but grin whenever the idea pops inside her head, just a few more second she’ll get her hands on one of his original paintings.


The door open and a lady slightly older than her appears, the lady gave out a huge smile and welcomed her in. She entered the room quietly anticipating and clenches her purse tighter.


“You came earlier than expected.” The lady went inside a room and roams her eyes inside her brown floored loft.


“Hai, I need to get something after this. Sorry I know I told you I’ll pass by around 9pm but I figured since I was within the area—might as well try checking if you’re home already.” She replied biting her lips in excitement. “Is 7:30 pm too early for you? I’m sorry!”


“No no! It’s totally fine, I was just not able to properly pack it though. Here, if you want to check.” The lady steps outside of her room and handed her a small frame. She flips it over and smiles as wide as she ran finger on top of a caricature of an African-American.


“I feel really bad having to sell my copy but I really need money to go back to Okinawa.” The lady explained.


“Ah it’s so pretty…” she smiled, she looked at the lady who is obviously torn between wanting to give the painting away or keeping it. “Are you really sure of selling this?”


“Yes, besides my husband-to-be is not a fan of that painting, he’s awfully jealous.” She winked.


Both of them laughed.


“Here, let me put it in a paper bag for you.” The lady took the painting and placed it inside a bag.


“And umm, here you go.” She took money out of her pocket, the set of money that was properly bundled and separated from the rest. She really saved up for this. The lady finally gave her the bag and walked her out of the door.


“Thank you very much!” She smiled and held the bag tighter when turned around and bowed.


“Take care of Satoshi’s painting for me ok?” the lady winked at her. “By the way what’s your name?”


“Oh,how rude of me not to properly introduce myself. My name is---“


“AH!” She suddenly woke up, breathing heavily then rubbed her neck. The dream, it was so real, everything was clear. Her head hurts a little but damn it when she realized she woke up at the most crucial moments, she started kicking frantically.


“Oi oi oi!” Aiba’s came inside the room, “What are you doing?! You’re making my bed shake! You’re like turning to poltergeist and not just a ghost!”


“Oh sorry.” She answered quickly, still hating herself for waking up; it was so close, she could’ve known who she was. “Chotto.” She sat up straighter and looked at the watch near Aiba’s bed, its 7am right now. “OH MY GOD, SECOND DAY!”


“Ah yeah…” Aiba stopped and remembered that each day really counts for her.


“What do you mean ‘ah yeah’, you forgot already?!” she glared at Aiba who quickly shook his head. “No stop denying you’re pretty much the biggest give awayalready! Jeez. Take a chill pill.” Aiba said as he muffled his hair. She stood up, put her hand on her waist and grinded her teeth.


“What’s wrong with you?” Aiba asked, he noticed how serious she was.  “Bad dream?”


“No, wait did someone call?” she asked quickly, Aiba stopped and closed his lips tighter, he was hoping that she wouldn’t remember but she did. To be honest, Aiba didn’t sleep at all, well at first he tried to sleep but when he rolled to his left and then felt as if he was douched with ice-cold water…sleeping beside a cute ghost became a big no-no. So he transferred onto the sofa but then realized that the clock was at around 12am at that time; so instead of sleeping he couldn’t help but stare at the phone waiting patiently whole night if there’ll be a call; he also took the liberty of taking that time for memorizing his butai lines.


She suddenly felt her heart sunk, Aiba’s silence and avoidance of eye contact says it all.


“Don’t worry! I’m sure there’ll be a call. I’m sure of it!” Aiba quickly tried to encourage her, she just smiled. “So what did you dream about?”


“Well, it’s weird. I hate myself for waking up right at the moment when someone asked me who I was.” She pinched her lips while thinking.


“Let me get this straight, you dreamed vividly? Like in details?” Aiba asked then threw his butai script on the bed, the next batch of line memorization can wait.


“Yeah why? It’s just a dream, it doesn’t matter besides I failed to get my name.” she never felt so disappointed, but come to think of it, she actually has no idea when was the last time she got disappointed.


“CLUES!” Aiba felt like a lightning strike hit him, he punched his fist with his other hand and pointed at her “Can’t you see!”


“Huh? You’re scaring me again, and I’m the ghost in this conversation.” she replied quickly.


“No no no, what I meant was…the dreams you are having can be clues! Like where were you at the last time before you know, you forgot everything!” Aiba cheered.


It took a few moments but then…




“YATTA! YOU’RE RIGHT! OH MY GOD YOU MADE SENSE! ABOUT TIME!” She finally started jumping up and down, there’s no hurt in trying right? Considering her situation’s the most highly unlikeable possibility is the definite probability, she nodded at Aiba then started closing her eyes.


Aiba swallowed when she started mumbling while her eyelashes batted a few times while she reminisce the whole dream.


“How did it start again? I…I was in an apartment…then I went to buy something.” She remembered.


“Can you remember what you bought?” he asked trying to get himself together and not get smitten by how cute his ghostly companion actually is as she try to squeeze out information from her head.


“I bought a painting of an African-American guy, then it was a weird painting though, like a caricature.” She opened her eyes.


“Then?” Aiba asked more, he was leaning closer towards the girl, she looked up.


“Aiba too close.” She butted.


“Ah gomen, okay continue.” Aiba slipped his hands to his pockets, cursing himself for leaning a little bit too close than what he wanted to.


“When I was about to leave, the seller mentioned about taking care of….shoot I forgot who…wait…gimme a second here.” she clenched both of her arms into a fist trying to squeeze out another information, Aiba again giggled at the site of this. “Crap!” she frustratingly tugged her hair towards the left side of her neck and turned on the bed; she couldn’t remember she wanted to cry now.


“Hey hey, don’t pressure yourself” Aiba got worried and wanted to tell her to take her time, but then realized time is something they both don’t have.


“I don’t know, argggh!” She sat on the bed and lowered her head, Aiba sat beside her. “Why can’t I remember anything! WHY!” she opened her eyes, then wind blew inside Aiba’s room.


“AAH SATOSHI-KUN’S DRAWING!” Aiba was able to catch Ohno’s drawing right before it flew out of the window.


“SATOSHIIIIIII!!” She stood up when she heard the name, startling Aiba, she started smiling “She said take care of Satoshi’s painting for me! I bought a painting of Satoshi, which is the guy you call Riida, right?” she asked, Aiba nodded. “YATTA! That’s one of the things I did before this…does that help?”


Aiba stopped and looked at Ohno’s drawing, then remembered that Ohno is fond of African-American paintings especially when he did his “Freestyle” exhibition.


“Yoshi! Ike!” Aiba gave her a congratulatory smile and they both went to see Ohno’s place.


~knock knock knock~


“I’m nervous.” She said.


“Don’t be, I’m sure things will go ok.” Aiba reassured her.


“Why are you always positive?” she asked in complete bewilderment.


Aiba just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “’Cause when you stop being positive then that’s the saddest thing in the world.”


For a moment she was caught off guard and felt her jaw drop, Aiba noticed this and smiled proudly he wanted to rub it in her face the for once he made total sense when…


“Oh!” the door opened and revealed an obviously just woken up Riida. “Aiba.”


“Hi!” Aiba waved his hand..


“Ggot my lures?” he asked quickly, Aiba shook his head and he quickly started closing the door. Aiba quickly stopped the door from closing and pushed it gently to open. “It’s freaking too early Aiba, today’s our day off let me sleep!”


“Demo! Anou!!!” Aiba wanted to say something.


“You could’ve gotten my lures now and I’ll let you in and disturb me but no you haven’t—“ Riida was really pissed, he slept at around 2am today so he just want to forget that Aiba ever knocked at all.


“I will get you more lures!” Aiba begged, Riida stopped closing the door and opened it, giving Aiba an interested yet bargaining look.


“More lures?” Riida raised his eyebrow.


“Hai, just let me in and see your workshop.” Aiba closed his lips really tight; he knows how secretive Ohno is when it comes to his artwork.


Ohno yawned and scratched his head.


“Fine. Follow me. I want more lures for this.” He pointed at Aiba who nodded like crazy.


“Your Riida gets lured by lures… Ironic.” She whispered.


“Ironic isn’t it?” Aiba winked and they both laughed.


Riida ushered Aiba (and of course she followed) towards the a small shack behind his house, he flickered the lights open and Aiba slowly let himself in (again, she followed as well)


“Aiba” Riida hugged himself “Why is it when I’m around you its really cold! Is the air in your lungs leaking?” Ohno managed to kid around to lighten up the mood.


“Ummm I don’t know. Maybe.” Aiba looked a little bit panicky and she stood up straighter. Aiba then started coughing, which made her worried cause she can remember hearing last night Aiba’s coughs as well.


“You’ve been coughing a lot lately, have you checked with a doctor?” Riida asked, Aiba shook his head while he knocked his chest.


“No time, anyways can you give me a moment with your paintings?” Aiba asked wiping his mouth, he then looked at Riida who was puzzled why would Aiba ask for moment with him. “Just you know so I can appreciate your art more!”


“Aiba you’re getting weirder and weirder as day passes.” Riida shook his head and left.


Aiba quickly turned around to see the girl roaming inside the shack; he stood beside her as she looks frantically from one painting to another.


“These are indeed similar to the painting I purchased, but not of them are the ones I exactly bought.” She was feeling sad again about failing to see that particular painting. Aiba bit his lips feeling frustrated and wanting to do something. He then noticed a black book on the table, he took it and started browsing.


“What’s that?” she stood beside him.


“Toumei ningen, you’re too close it’s getting cold…” Aiba interrupted, she quickly stepped aside.


“Toumei ningen?!” she realized what he called her and started thinking.


“Well I just figured I’d give you a name cause I’m getting tired of calling you ‘you’” Aiba looked at her, she pouted and he figured he needs to explain more. “You know, see-through human? Like a ghost…cause calling you a ghost is a little bit harsh right?”


“Totally harsh!” she glared.


“See!” Aiba flipped opened the book.


“But Toumei ningen I do get it, still isn’t it too long?” she looked uncomfortable.


Aiba looked up, “it is, ne? Let’s figure out your name later.”


“Fine.” She smiled, they stared at each other a little bit longer than she expected that something inside of her did a somersault. “Wait.” She tried getting her composure and Aiba coughed “So about that book?”


“Oh this, purchase log of all paintings he sold…uwa! He included the addresses and names!” he said proudly, “Toumei----eto...Mei!”


“Mei sounds good!” she was getting excited, Aiba’s idea is somehow creeping inside her head now.


“Mei, yeah. Let’s go with Mei. Anyway, Mei we can go check all of these addresses out so we can know who purchased the painting you bought then we can ask her who you are!”


“YATTA!!!” Mei jumped up and down then hugged Aiba, but suddenly




“COOOOOOOOLD!” AIba jumped up and down, and Mei hugged herself, catching her balance because she almost felt as if she’s about to fall off the ground. She looked back at Aiba who was busy jumping up and down and rubbing his body for heat.


“Gomen.” She gave out a peace sign while Aiba gave her a what-the-hell look.


“You know what, you shouldn’t be called Mei. It doesn’t suit you.” Aiba retorts. “We just agreed with Mei then you go changing again!? You have issues.” Mei made sure her eyes were beaming with anger as she looked at Aiba.


“Yeah. It should be…. MEISA! Right! Meisa. Mei from Toumei ningen. Sa… saa… sa..” He continued thinking. “Sa? Stop making names and stop wasting Day 2, it’s not funny anymore.” Mei passed through Aiba to piss him off.

“AH! CUT THAT OUT! SAMUI! TOTTEMO SAMUI! AH! Samui! AHHHHH! I got it!” Another lightbulb moment for Aiba. “What ‘I got it’ are you talking about now!?” Mei’s irritation was hinted in her voice as she was getting ready to pass through Aiba again.


Holding out a stop gesture before her Aiba said, “Mei from Toumei Ningen and Sa from Samui. MEISA! WAHAHAHA, I’m such a genius!” Mei’s lips suddenly went from a frown turned upside down. “You know what Aiba… that’s not such a bad idea after all.”


“It’s settled. You are Meisa.”

arashikimarashikim on May 19th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
"Cause when you stop being positive then that’s the saddest thing in the world.”

--> I second emotion v(^O^)v

“Why is it when I’m around you its really cold! Is the air in your lungs leaking?”

--> here comes riida!! LOL!! XD