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17 May 2010 @ 10:33 am
rossroad Complexities (Aiba Fic) -Day 1 (Part 1)  

× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.

Day 1(Part1) - The Channel and The Spirit


Aiba slowly wakes up, meeting the white ceiling. His heart is now beating normally, he opened his mouth halfway. He placed his hand on top of his heart and breathing peacefully.


“What a dream.” He told himself, he concluded that he must’ve been reading too much of his butai script that he actually dreamt about a ghost. He twitched his right eye as he started thinking, “…but I must say she’s a really cute ghost.” He blushed and giggled.


“I’m cute? Thank you.” The girl’s head popped on top of his view.


“KYA!” Aiba jumped off the bed in shock, and when he did his head passed through the girl’s upper body… “EEK!! FREAKY! FREAKY! FREAKY! SO COLD!” Aiba shuddered and jumped up and down, brushing his head and hands as if dusting them. The moment he passed through the girl’s upper body, his head felt so cold and it was freaky.  “KYAAA!!” he cried in torture.


“Will you stop freaking out?!” the girl shouted, Aiba clasped his hand over his mouth hoping to stop shouting. “If there’s one person who should get freaked out right now it’s me! I’m the one who passes through things!” she screamed, Aiba’s husky high pitched screaming is making her ears hurt.


“This. This is not true…I’m just tired…HAHAHA I’M TOO TIRED! THAT’S IT! MASAKI IS TIRED. MASAKI IS TIRED, NE? NE?” A delusional Aiba went straight to the bathroom and washed his face; he pat dried his face with a towel and laughed his hearts out. “Come on I’m too much engrossed with the script I ended up seeing things.”


He put down his towel.


“I’m still here.” The girl said as she tried leaning on the door but passed through though “KYA!” good thing she was able to stand up back and get her balance.


Aiba stares at her, his left eyebrow twitching especially when the girl giggled in embarrassment for almost falling down.


“Hahahaha…” Aiba forced a laugh, “This, this is just an imagination. You are a fragment of my fatigue, I should really learn how to take care of myself. Wait…I know!” Aiba had a lightbulb moment, an idea. He quickly maneuvered himself, carefully making sure he wouldn’t be able to touch this mysterious girl. He went straight inside the medicine cabinet that he hid a few days ago. “Where is it? Where…” he took one bottle out after another, “AAAHAAA!” he took out a huge bottle, the girl was now standing in front of him getting scared at how Aiba is acting. “You see this?” Aiba playfully shook the bottle in front of her, she nodded. “This will make you disappear…”


“Me? Disappear?” she pointed at herself.


Aiba took out a couple of pills…stared at it and grinned.


“Anti-stress pills, Matsumoto-san gave me this and told me a maximum of two, YOSH!” Aiba took the two pills and closed his eyes when he swallowed. “She’ll be gone, she’ll be gone…” Aiba opens his eyes and put his head down. “Uwa.” He can’t believe it, she’s gone! She’s no longer in front of him. “This works?!?” Aiba looks at the bottle with complete gratitude when…


“Nope not working.” The girl startled him and was now standing right on his left.


“KYA!” Aiba got shocked and accidentally threw the bottle on the sink behind him, “YABUNAI!” Aiba and the girl turned around, and were stunned to see all the pills running down the drain.


“Well it’s better not to be dependent on drugs like that, you know?” She smiled, Aiba obviously looked pissed.


“Keee.” He scoffed, “Why don’t you go away! You should be gone now!” Aiba wondered.


“Have you considered I’m not a fragment of your stress and I actually exist?!” She rolled her eyes.


“No, you don’t exist; you’re just a stress factor. Oh my God the stress is getting to me, I’m seeing things. Wait…If I ignore it, it doesn’t exist right?” Aiba figured it out, he clapped. “YOU!”


“Me?” She pointed at herself.


“You don’t exist!” he closed his eyes and with that stepped forward…




“KYA! SAMUI!” Aiba shivered, it was really cold passing through.




“LA! LA! LA! LA!” Aiba closed his ears and started humming.


“What the? Hey…hey! I SAID HEY!” the girl called out for Aiba, but he continued walking towards back to his room and getting his towel.


“Lalalalala, you don’t exist! Lalalala I can’t hear you!” Aiba pretended and forced himself to ignore the girl’s calling his name. He opened the bathroom door and hang his towel.


“FINE! IF I DON’T EXIST…” the girl wrapped her hand around her body and raised one eyebrow. “If I don’t exist then you don’t mind if this nonexistent person enters the bathroom and watch you take a bath butt naked!”


“Lala----eh?” Aiba stopped, he looked at her and she looked she means business. He quickly pointed “YOU!”


“Oh now I suddenly exist?! Haha! Look at the odds of that. One moment I don’t exist, the next moment I do! I’m so great!” she sarcastically clapped her hands.


“Urusai!” Aiba barked at her. “You, you stay here. Don’t even dare! Or else…”


“Or else what? By the way, I am not your dog to command at.” she mocked him.


“OR ELSE I’M GONNA GET A WITCH DOCTOR AND CHANT YOU AWAY! I know a lot! I’ve been to Africa a lot you know!” he proudly bragged.


“African shamans? What are they, you have them on speed dial!?” she mocked again.


“YEAH I DO! SO BACK OFF!” Aiba slammed the door quickly. “After a good bath I’m sure she’ll be gone right? Damn it….what’s wrong with me?”


“Tsk...” the girl cussed and sat on Aiba’s bed. “Oh.” She looked at the bed, “I didn’t pass through. Cool. Wait. Is that a good thing?”


After Aiba took a bath he exited the bathroom, first his head popped out of the door…


“is she still here?” he wondered.


“I’m still here.” She was now getting bored with this conversation with Aiba.


“Damn it, the drug should’ve been working now right?” He exited, revealing a fully clothed Aiba, he took his brush.


“Anou…”She stood up, Aiba was still focused in brushing his hair, “I think the reason I ended up with you is I need your help?”


“Huh?” Aiba put down his brush, “Wait first. Remember, you don’t exist right? Why would something that doesn’t exist needs my help!?”


“Hey, I respected when you took a bath and didn’t peek, you should at least respect that I happen to be around you.” The girl was now getting annoyed by Aiba’s rejection.


“I’m going to work, and hopefully before I even reach the train stop, you are gone.” He grabbed his bag and swung it over his shoulder.


“Wait for me, oi!” The girl followed Aiba as he closed his house. When Aiba closed his front door, the girl stood behind the metal railing, Aiba gleefully bid byebye but then, the girl just passed through the gates. “Damn, I should really get used to that.”


“Eh…” Aiba turned to the left and continued walking. “Aiba just continued walking, thinking that she’ll disappear like all ghosts you encountered before is like this right? But then none of them talks to you like her, she’s like an actual person….damn it.”


“You, please listen to me, I have a problem, I can’t reme- hey…hey you stop walking too fast! Wait, I don’t know your name.” the girl was slowly getting left behind, Aiba turned to the right and walked through an alley way still contemplating why on earth is he stuck with a spirit.


“Alms? Donations? Reading?” A semi-blind old gypsy was sitting at the end of the alleyway with her small table and a crystal ball and shuffling her tarot cards. A seriously annoyed Aiba passed her and suddenly… “Aaah reading?”


Aiba waved his hand like he usually does…


“You have a very beautiful lady following you son.” The gypsy smiled, Aiba stopped walking and looked at her. “You shouldn’t let a lady like her run after you, even ghost gets tired you know.”


“YOU BAKA!” the girl was able to chase Aiba and stopped to catch her breath. “You walk too fast! I hate you! Look I don’t know why I am here but listen to me, hey are you listening?!” the girl cried out when she saw Aiba staring at the gypsy.


“Aaah, she’s a lost soul ne?” the gypsy stared at the girl, though they gypsy’s eyes were now covered with cataract the girl freakishly felt as if she’s seeing her like how Aiba does. “A lost soul between heaven and hell, stuck in the world with the person that matters to her the most.”


“EH!?” Aiba and the girl said in unison.


“I don’t even know her!” aiba wondered.


“Neither do I!” the girl cried out.


“You don’t know who I am? I am Aiba Masaki of Arashi! Crap, I said it too loud.” Aiba felt insulted.




“Aah, tsk tsk tsk, lost souls, isn’t it sad they don’t know who they are, or what happened to them.”


The girl suddenly became quiet.


“Lost souls are roaming the earth, trying to complete their unfinished businesses.” The gypsy continued.


“Wait, lost soul…huh? Does that mean I’m dead?! Oh god, I’m dead! Am I dead?! Wait what huh!?! NANDE KORE!”the girl started freaking out.


“Oi don’t freak out!” Aiba waved his hand.


“Why can’t I freak out?  I allowed you to freak out a while ago!”


“Just calm down!”




“She’s not dead, nobody knows if she is really dead.” The gypsy interrupted the two from fighting.


“What do you mean she’s not dead?”Aiba sat back in front of the gypsy.


“I’m not d-d-d-dead?” the girl beamed.


“Well we’re not sure of the details yet, she may or may not be dead. But what matter is, she needs to complete her unfinished business, cause if she doesn’t—she will not be able to go through the light…” the gypsy shuffled he cards more.


“What do you mean light? I don’t want to go through a light! That means I’m gonna die right? It’s like affirming I’m dead, tell her Aiba! Ask her about the light!” she shook Aiba’s shoulder, which resulted to failing cause her hands just passed through, much to Aiba discomfort.


“STOP!  IT’S COLD! Anou, what do you mean lig—“ Aiba was about ask,


“Light, either leads to heaven, hell or back on earth. She’s a wandering soul, no clue like a baby, and you are her channel to help her figure out what she’s meant for.” The gypsy pointed at Aiba with her scary old finger.


“Ore?!” Aiba pointed at himself. “No no no, I’m too busy to even bother helping her.”


“You two are meant to be, a lost soul is attached to his/her channel no matter what, for the channel can only be the one to help a soul like hers.” The gypsy smiled, slowly reached out for Aiba’s hand. Aiba and the girl held their breath wondering if the gypsy will mysteriously chant or read his palm….when…



“That’ll be 1000yen, mister.”


“EH!!” Aiba and the girl flipped. Aiba stood up.


“Chotto, I don’t want to be her channel, I’m very busy can’t it be move to someone else? Is there a remote so I can switch?!!?” Aiba asked and gestured a remote and started pressing, the girl rolled her eyes in annoyance.


“That’ll be another 1000 yen…”


“JUST PAY BAKA!” the girl jeered.


“Fine!” Aiba took out his wallet and slammed 2000yen on the table, the gypsy took the money and smiled; he waits in anticipation for the gypsy’s reply.


“No.” she replied..


“I paid a 1000 yen just to get a flat monotonic NO!?” Aiba fell off his chair. Aiba’s phone started vibrating, he checked and it’s his manager. He’s probably looking for him now in their meet up place, “Tsk. I have to go.” He thought whatever he has got to do to get this so-called lost soul off his back HAS TO WAIT, he is a very busy idol and has no time for it.


“Be careful and don’t take your time.” The gypsy called out just when Aiba was now about 3 meters away, Aiba and the girl turned around to look at the gypsy. “A lost soul only has 10 days to complete her unfinished business or else….”


“Or else what?” the girl’s heart was pumping really fast.


“Or else she’ll get stuck on earth being a wandering soul no idea of who she is….completely empty.” The gypsy said scaring the girl, she looked at Aiba, he too looked worried.


“Aiba…” Her chilly voice echoed into Aiba’s ear as she her hands firmly together.




Aiba took out his phone, answered it and giving the girl a few painstaking minutes of agony.


“Gomen, I am fully booked for today…” Aiba answered.


“Aah day 1 starts today you know…” the gypsy interrupted.


“Will you stop butting in, you old geezer!” Aiba was now frustrated but more so confused, “Seriously, she’s blind but she has some weird strong hearing!” Aiba scoffed, “Look, I’ll figure out something….just…I don’t know.”


“Stay with you?” the girl blurted out, trying to finish Aiba’s sentence; if that is in fact what he meant to say.


Aiba stopped and licked his lips.


“Yeah stay with me, we’ll figure things out. We have 10 day. We can do a lot in 10 days. Yosh, let’s go.” And with that Aiba hurriedly accelerated his page and the girl followed.

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arashikimarashikim on May 19th, 2010 07:45 pm (UTC)
"Is there a remote so I can switch?!!?"

--> LOL! this line is really funny!! XD