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17 May 2010 @ 10:32 am
Crossroad Complexities (Aiba Fic) -Day 1 (Part2)  

× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.



Day 1(Part2) - The Channel and The Spirit

 “Oh aren’t you late?! AHAHA KARMA FOR BEING PISSED OFF AT ME.” Nino called for Aiba.


Aiba and the girl looked at each other, Nino ran towards Aiba.


“Uh…wait…” Aiba raised his hand to stop a running cause well….he just happened to be running straight towards the girl. But alas, too late, Nino ran pass through the girl that made him stopped on his tracks.


“EH! IT’S COLD SUDDENLY!” Nino hugged himself and looked around him, “What the hell.”


“Ooooh….” Aiba and the girl looked at each other, then around them; figuring out that they are the only ones seeing each other.


“Anyways, you have the ticket?” Nino opened his hand.


“Gomen! I forgot to call the director of the play.”


“Ah ok.” Nino’s slim figure could not take the sudden chill that ran down his spine. “Yada. This place feels creepy.” Nino rubbed his harms trying to keep warm, turned around and walked back to the group.


Aiba bit his lower lips, he remembered Nino may not be the type to see ghosts, but he feels them.


“Hey you, umm….” He scratched the back of his ear, the girl looked down. “I think you shouldn’t stand too close to me, or else…”


“Somebody might feel me. Got it.” She finished his sentence.


“yeah.” Aiba was relieved that he’s stuck with a ghost who is fast in comprehension, he then noticed the girl looking worried; definitely because of the 10 day deadline. “Look, this will just be fast. Promise, it’ll be over before you know it.” He gave a faint smile to give the worried girl some reassurance.


“Promise?” She gave Aiba the puppy dog eyes, his heart jumped a little.


Stop it Masaki. Don’t feel like that, she’s a freaking ghost! She’s not… cute. Aiba chanted to himself. He nodded, the girl pouted then pointed at the empty corner.


“I’ll just stay there then.” The girl walked away, Aiba nodded.


“Aiba-chan!” Sho was calling him now.


“Ahh, ha-ha-hai.” Aiba followed.


The whole day was filled with Arashi activitie:, four interviews, 2 photoshoots and a guesting—making  the frustration build up between Aiba and the girl. Aiba was now trying his best to avoid deadly stares from her but she couldn’t do anything but just silently continue cursing why on earth does her channel have to be such a busy person.


It’s now 2 pm and caterers are serving late lunch. Aiba took his bento and saw on the far corner, he gripped his bento and wondered…


“Excuse me.” Aiba stood up and hurried to walk towards the girl, she glared at him and he bowed.


“it’ll just be quick huh!? Quick, my ass.” She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head backward, “Argghhh there goes my first day! God, it’s like I’m babysitting you are something.”


“Aren’t girls usually relieved when their first day ends? Cause that means the crampings will lighten?” Aiba joked referring to the first day of menstrual cramps; but he was just met with a raised eyebrow and a dead pan face. He coughed and sat beside the girl “Here eat some.”


“Oddly ghosts don’t feel hungry…” the girl replied coldly.


“Why? Food! You haven’t eaten anything! You should at least be hungry by this time.” He bit a tempura and then handed her his bento, gesturing for her to take one. She couldn’t believe how Aiba asked her so innocently, to the point that it was no longer annoying but turned out to be cute. She smirked, thinking that pawning Aiba with a sarcastic rejection, she opened her mouth. “Eh?”


“Feed me…” she said, “I feel lazy to grab a sushi.” She continued (she actually know what will happen but she just want Aiba to see it for himself)


“Ok!” Aiba took a sushi and slowly, feeds her….then when he let go, she closed her mouth but then…




“Eh?” Aiba gave the sushi an odd look.


“Fufufufu~~~” she giggled…


“Oh so that’s why…”


“finally you realized.” She looked at Aiba still oddly looking at the splatter of sushi on the floor.


“Aiba Masaki! Don’t waste food!” Jun passed by him, who was on his way to put the bento on the table nearby Aiba, “who are you talking to?”


“No one!” Aiba panicked and stood up straight. Jun walked away after giving Aiba puzzled look.


“Aiba, my first day…” she looked frustrated.


“Another missing person? Seriously a lot are popping out nowhere ne?” a couple of staff passed by them and were looking at a newspaper right on the missing paper list.


Suddenly a bright and Aiba-ish idea went into his head. “I GOT AN IDEA!” Aiba beamed. “We need a picture of you then let’s post it in the missing person list!”




“Oooooh.” Aiba stoped and looked at the ceiling, “Yeah, you’re right.”


“This is hopeless why do I have to be with a channel with a totally busy schedule and ideas of a five year old!” she slapped her head.


“Wait!” Aiba beamed again, making the girl lean away. “I got it! I got it!”


“What?” she looked scared at how Aiba is so proud of his idea.


-------------few moments later--------------------


She was standing inside a room and Aiba opened the door, he was dragging a tan shorter guy.


“Aiba!! I have Kaibutsu filming later!” the shorter guy complained when he was pushed by Aiba to sit down.


“I’m sorry Riida but I really need you to draw something for me.” Aiba bowed and his hands clasped.


“Oi I’m not a thing!” she shouted.


“Urusai!” Aiba looked at him to please cooperate with him and just shut it, she just rolled her eyes and scoffed in disbelief.


“Aiba-chan, who are you talking to? Jun’s right. You ARE talking to yourself!” Ohno pointed at him, Aiba shook his head frantically and sat beside Ohno. He shoved a paper and a pen to Ohno who was looking more confused than ever. “What’s this?”


“I’ll describe and you draw!” Aiba ordered.


“Oi Aiba, I’m not some police guy who makes mug photos or something!” Ohno puts the paper and pen and tried standing up.


“I’LL BUY YOU A BUNCH OF CURRY!” Aiba pulled Ohno down.


“I’m not Kaibutsu!” Ohno shouted, “Wait I am but….what the!?”


“I’LL GET YOU A BUNCH OF LURES YOU WANTED!” Aiba shouted, gripping riida really tight, the girl obviously impressed by Aiba’s idea and his so-called ‘negotiation skills’.


“Lures?” Riida looked as if he’s smirking really wide “the yellow and the one with the funny colors?”


“YES Yes!” Aiba replied, though he can feel a metaphoric stabbing pain in his wallet; those lures are not cheap at all!


“Tomorrow, okay?” Riida pointed the pen and put the cap off and pressed it gently against the paper, he looked really serious then: “Start describing”


“Ah ok” Aiba waved his hand for the girl to stand behind Ohno, the girl nodded and stood behind Ohno..


“KYA!” Ohno stopped, looked behind him, “It suddenly became cold.”


“IT’S JUST YOU!” Aiba freaked out. Even Ohno can feel her, “It’s just you Oh-chan, ok ayumm she has long hair, wears knitted clothes with some sort of human stick figures then a huge fur cap.”


“Aiba…” Ohno put down the pen and tilted his head sideways “What are you asking me to draw? A person or a set of hair and clothing? Please, don’t tell me. Manga? Could you be any more specific?”


“Gomen gomen.” Aiba bowed a couple of times, “Okay she…” Aiba looked up and for the first time focused his eyes on her, her light hazel brown eyes, the cute almond eyes that looked like taken off from an anime, her birthmark near her lower lips, her tiny nose that is pointed just at the right size, her thin yet pinkish lips. These features made Aiba’s mouth slowly fall open.


“Oi aiba…” Riida tapped Aiba’s chin to close his mouth snapping him back to reality and away from ‘i-think-my-heart-dropped-and-did-a-360-degrees-backflip’ moment. “Close your mouth. A fly might go inside.”


“Right, here goes.” Aiba took a deep breath, afraid to look up because he knows his cheeks are in a bright shade of red.


Later that night.


“Amazing!” she said in astonishment as she stares at a drawn picture of her by this Riida.


“Yeah Satoshi-kun can really draw ne? This picture is really pretty!” Aiba picked up the drawn picture and smiled at it.


“Oi, if the drawing is pretty then that makes me prettier, cause that’s just my drawing nothing beats the original you know!” she complained and wrapped her arms around her body and snobbishly looked the other way.


“Well this one is prettier cause it doesn’t talk.” Aiba sarcastically fired back.


“Ah.” She felt her mouth open with disbelief, Aiba laughed, “I hate you.”


“I hate you too.” Aiba replied and placed the drawing back on the bed.


“Do you think they’ll see the posts you made? Do you think someone will call?” she sounded sad when she looked at the clock, it’s now 10:30 pm. They came home late because Aiba fed the drawing in all the police station nearby, filing a missing person complaint. The first day is slowly dwindling away…


“I’m sure there will be.” He tried his best to reassure her, somehow he knew that the chances are slim, especially when the officer told him that even if the family provides the best pictures when they file a missing person complaint they don’t get call backs how much more a drawn one? Aiba closed his lips tighter, he noticed how worried she is as she stares at the pillow when she lay down on her side facing a sitting Aiba. He was just too happy that she didn’t hear that bad news from the police officer. He then put the drawings aside and laid beside her, putting his right arm behind his head.


“Hey you’re getting good at this huh!” Aiba joked trying to liven up the atmosphere. She wrinkled her face wondering what he’s talking about. “You know, you laying on the bed now, I was expecting you to fall or pass through like earlier today.” Giving a small laugh.


She smiled, appreciating Aiba’s efforts to cheer her up.


“Yeah practice makes perfect, even for a ghost that’s still applicable.” She winked but then, she couldn’t help but feel worried and scared…


“9 days left…” she sighed and closed her eyes.


“Don’t worry, it’s not 9 days left, but we have 9 days more.” He said, looked at his side and saw her face up closed, she nodded and her lips quivered a few moments then closed her eyes.


“9 days  mooooreee..” she uttered then slowly she was now sleeping.


Aiba turned and faced her, more he focused on her long eyelashes as it carefully moves up and down as if she’s dreaming.


A tiny smile slowly appeared on Aiba’s face.


arashikimarashikim on May 19th, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
LOL! this story made me laugh.. BAKA Aiba! ofcourse ghost cannot eat.. and take picture, BAKA!! but i love your bakaness..

9 more days..