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11 November 2010 @ 11:09 pm
  well first super sorry especially to my friends who are waitig for my updates to my whereabouts... especiallt to my friend saraf (seacode/sosochan)...who touched me by sending me a nudge.. life has been challenging recently moving out from my parent's place for a year of school, cramming and studying, doing my clinical internship... sigh and lastly trying to prepare for my foreign licensure exam.

the fandom? what happened to me? from an active fan writing fics, graphics, subbing and stuffs i was suddenly MIA. the main reason is alrady stated above, but i still try to ne active wih what i can do.

i made this tumblr site dedicated to macros for our fandom as well as my other loved group superjunior. if you want to see it it's in www.rainbowcrack.tumblr.com, it used to be updated daily but due to my schedule i can only update it once in a while now.

my stories are currently pending right now, trust me i hate putting a pause in my stories but i have no choice... but dont worry when my exam's over by sept2011 i'll be back putting up more stories and stuffs i hope you all can enjoy.=)

with this again im sorry for my sudden hiatus, i'll try posting once in a while alright?

oh and if you can update me about arashi it'll help a lot.. haha thanks!
16 July 2010 @ 09:27 pm
Title: Nino's Graduation
Rating: G
Member/Pairing: Nino x Arashi
Author: qtkaye_1734
other: I just had to write this dream down which woke me up teary eyed on how vivid and real feeling it was. Total number of words: 1916

The concert ended, each of them standing at individual see through roaming stages. Aiba, Sho, Nino, Jun and Ohno…this was their arrangement as everyone is in their 5 x 10 inspired out fits. Nino was standing on the middle of the platform, a heavy feeling from all the audience.

“Ja, it finally came ne.” Sho spoke first, a little giggle to warm us audience up. Nino nodded then with his thumb scratch his nose, noticed how the fans reacted and realize his face was shot on the screen right behind him. Everybody laugh when he turned a little bit red then nodded his embarrassment (who wants to be seen scratching his nose in a big screen!? Well Riida won’t mind I’m sure). Sho looked from his left to right, Aiba’s head down and shaking, obviously crying. Riida spaced out but his eyes staring at Nino’s direction, and Jun playing with his microphone while biting his lips. Sho swallowed and gazed at Nino “Someone needs to start this right? (everybody agreed), yabai… (he sighed)..Nino-kun, when you left the first time for iwo-jima, everybody felt sad and missed you. But still we managed to joke around cause we all know you’re still coming back. But this time, when you finally said that it’s your time to fly, I actually wanted to stop you and tell you that you don’t need to leave just to follow your dream of becoming a director. I wanted to take those wings away that you said will take you off from us. Everybody in the agency and media started taunting you for a coward, saying you are afraid that’s why you are leaving just when things are at its peak, afraid of the day it’ll go down suddenly.” Sho wiped his tear and cleared his throat, “But you know what, let me tell those people, KAZUNARI NINOMIYA IS THE BRAVEST PERSON I KNOW! He is not afraid to step out and see what is beyond the life if Jimusho, he is not afraid to make a new future on his own. Still, this new future you are now preparing to trace, remember, you are not alone. Us, the four other part of the rainbow will forever be beside you cheering you on. It’s hard honestly, I wanted to cheer for you but also I wanted you not to do it, so if tomorrow I don’t hug you when you board that plane, forgive me cause that is because I am afraid the moment I hug you, I won’t be able to let you go.” (some fans awed, some cried, some laughed) “Gambarre Nino-kun. I always send pictures and videos of people who love you here, umm…how about let’s start with photo number 1.” Sho took out a small camera then took a photo of himself which made everyone laughed, especially Nino. “There.” Sho wiped his eyes, it was now red and drowning with tears.

“Yabai.” Nino spoke, “you’ll get me infected with emotions…”

“No I won’t!” Aiba tried laughing, but his voice sounded nasal already. “But coming behind Shochan that is one tough act to follow”

“you came behind Shochan!?” Nino joked and made us the audience laugh. Jun twitched with the pink joke, while Ohno giggled.

“haha, I’ll miss that. I’ll miss how you always call me, the Super Lung idiot, or chant for me to go home when I say random stuffs. How you always tell me to fail doing my mirror man experiments, and when I ask you why you always want for that experiment to fail you’ll just say (nino said this together with Aiba) ‘Cause your failures amazes me more than your success.’…” the crowd laughed a little…but Aiba didn’t for he started crying and couldn’t even speak. Sho skipped to Aiba’s stage and started massaging his back. “Anou…” Aiba is really crying “I suddenly remembered when we were Juniors, and we take the train home together late at night when you’ll get off a station ahead from mine and I’ll said bye, you’ll shout back…”

“What’s the use of saying goodbye since we’ll just see each other again tomorrow.” Nino finished Aiba’s statement, making everyone stop. Aiba nodded, Nino looked down.

“So that’s why we ended up saying ‘see you tomorrow’ and not goodbye all the time. That is something we both been doing for the past 10 years or so. Tomorrow when we see you off, saying ‘see you tomorrow’ will be hard to say, cause I know…the day after that, I will not really see you anymore…” Aiba stopped and tilted his head, “unless I buy a ticket to America now and go there with you…”

“That’s impossible.” Sho reacted with shock.

“I actually have one ticket right now.” Aiba took out a ticket from his pocket…

Everybody reacted.

“You’re kidding me!?!” Nino said with eyes wide open, Aiba laughed as Sho took the envelope from Aiba’s hand.

“It’s just a paper!” Sho reacted.

“I thought I’m gonna say goodbye to one more arashi, that scared me!” Jun cried out.

“Sorry. It’s a letter. Please read this as you go on the plane. I’m afraid I’ll just cry the entire time before you leave, and I won’t be able to say these words. Ninomiya-san, thank you.” Aiba handed Nino the letter. “And I won’t say goodbye tomorrow, cause I’ll know you’ll be back, I know not any time soon but I’m sure you’ll be back.”

“Of course I’ll be back I still want to see you fail hundreds of times.” Nino joked and bowed as he took Aiba’s letter.

“I had a feeling you’ll say that.” Aiba hugged Nino but Aiba quickly pushed away… “No hugs I’ll end up crying really hard.” Then he quickly jumped off to go back to his own stage leaving back nino in the middle.

“Yabai….” Jun said, then took a deep breath. His hand on his waist while he stand on one leg. “You always joke of leaving, reaching for your dreams, seeing what is out there….and leaving just for the sake of getting away from Aiba’s bakaness (he laughed sadistically at this point and the crowd laughed a little as well), everyay….everyday….everyday (at this third ‘everyday’ jun started crying), you always joke of leaving…I never actually thought you’d actually do it for real. (Jun bent down and cried, Riida who was nearer him skipped to Jun’s stage and started massaging his back, he was finally able to calm himself down and stood up straight) But as I told you before, no matter how dark or unknown the road you want to take, I am confident that you’ll succeed cause it is you Kazunari Ninomiya who chose to do it. Someday I hope I can be as brave as you are, but for now I am just gonna support you no matter what. You have always been an inspiration to me, iwo jima, acting, writing your own songs and how you chose not to be cutesy like everyone else, and this moving out of jimusho and japan is one step you took that will forever make you someone I highly respect. I grew up in Jimusho, spending more days there than at home or school and throughout all those years there was you who will provide me with random ideas, games, interesting foods and company. I will miss those, but if your happiness lies within the fact you have to leave…then I will fight my best not to miss those moments and just be thankful I was lucky enough to experience it with you.” Jun took out something from his back pocket then smiled to see this. “People actually don’t know this, but we used to have sleep overs at home, and this is one shot I can never forget.” Jun showed it to the camera, it was a shot of Nino and Jun with what appears to be face masks. “We were too curious with what my dad was using for his face after he shaved so we took it and put it on then shaved for the first time. The next day we ended up with sore faces and really deep scars that made the Johnny-san shout at us. Please keep this memory with you, that no matter how uptight I may look, you know that with you I can be the biggest dork of all.” Jun bowed then handed Nino the picture and when Nino took it, they hugged each other, this time Nino’s grip on the photo was so hard, they talked a little before they parted, when Jun turned Nino still held on his hand and when they let go, Jun put his head down and started crying as he walk back to his platform.

Everybody became more quiet this time. It was his turn…it was Riida’s turn to talk. The entire concert Riida and Nino had little or none at all contact. Riida was either standing too far from Nino or he is just ignoring him. Even my friend who accompanied me to the concert noticed this.

“Riida…” Nino spoke.

Riida finally looked at him with a slight smile, he bit his lips then put the mic in front of his lips…thinking of what to say.

“I am not talking to you for the past 3 days now ne.” everybody got shocked by this…. “and I really asked to be placed to the farthest platform from you as much as possible.” Riida was pausing while talking, obviously thinking of what to say… “It is because there is no words that can describe how shock I am, I am hurt that you’re leaving. Everyday I always wake up knowing you’ll be around, when I message you to go clubbing you’ll show up no matter how late or last minute my invitations were. But then suddenly for you to leave, it is really a big impact to me. So please forgive me if I decided not to talk to you or stand close to you during this concert. I wanted to be the idol performer you told me how you see me, I don’t want to be the crying one. I want our last concert together to be full force and perfect; and I am afraid if I stand close to you, I’ll end up crying and will not do good at all. I am sorry Kazu, but I can’t say I am happy for you, I am not. But I support you no matter what. I don’t want to miss you, cause when you miss someone that means he/she is no longer keeping in touch, I want you to keep in touch as much as possible like you’re just somewhere near that I can go to. I don’t want to say goodbye, cause we are together…we’re arashi…we’re ohmiya sk…even if we’re living in different countries starting tomorrow. I am no longer making any sense..but please…” Riida was no longer looking up he was crying really hard…Nino saw this and quickly…jumped towards Riida’s stage, took his arm and hugged him really tight. We can hear him say ‘daijoubu’ and Riida saying ‘it’s not ok’….then the rest of the five followed and all went for a group hug. We, the audience, started crying…

“distance may keep as apart….BUT WE ARE STILL ARASHI NE!” Nino cheered the other four but his voice can be noticed to be cracking. “I love you all.  MINNA I LOVE YOU!” and by this time Nino started crying and everybody else followed.
30 June 2010 @ 05:03 pm
I'm actually trying to get my fangirl thing going on >so if anyone can help me please! haha<...so i've been dosing myself with the funny Wii party commercials, and saw their banner. Since I want to put up a wallpaper without the pink and little men on Aiba >which was really hard haha<

doozo enjoy!! =)


× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.


Day 2 (Part2) -So her name is...

“Do you think Riida wouldn’t mind?” Meisa asked as they both entered the car. Aiba revealed he slipped the black book out of Riida’s place without him knowing.


“No, I hope not, well I’ll just slide this inside his bag when we get together in a green room,  I’m sure he’ll not notice it.” Aiba placed the book on top of the steering wheel and started browsing, “The nearest one in our place right now is….” He ran his finger on the black book but then stopped.


“Dooshite?” Meisa asked, Aiba closed his lips and looked at Mei not sure if he should ask it.


“You bought a painting from Riida right?” he asked, Meisa nodded, his ear lurched. “So clearly, were you excited?”


“Yeah I kinda felt like that, like I’m really happy, why?” Mei noticed Aiba was getting serious.


“Ok.” Aiba started his engine.


“Finish what you are about say.” Meisa leaned to see Aiba’s face.


“Nothing.” Aiba shook his head and continued driving. Meisa kept on bugging him every time he turns for corners and in the end, he couldn’t help but crack “FINE! GET THIS! It means you know Arashi, and that means….” He stopped, swallowed and frowned…


“That means?” Meisa wondered why her channel is frowning.




“Ahahahaha! Are you jealous?” Meisa asked, Aiba looked at her in horror and she ended up laughing more. “ OH GOD, YOU ARE JEALOUS!”


“HELL NO! WHY WILL I BE JEALOUS! YOU’RE A GHOST! HOW CAN I BE JEALOUS! THAT’S SO PATHETIC! EWW!” Aiba screamed on the top of his lungs, deafening Meisa.


“Shut your pie hell. I get the point, you’re not jealous! Okay? You are damn not.” Meisa stopped Aiba from freaking out. “But Ohno is indeed cute, ne?” Meisa teased Aiba.


“WHATEVER! Alrao;ifcn;wlhf;oiwanhf;szfcnzslchnsjxk! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!” Aiba started ranting incomprehensible words that deafens Meisa’s ear.


“KYAAA!” she screamed as they drove off.


The whole day as spent roaming one address after another, Aiba will ring the door bell, Meisa will stand in front of the door. Since Meisa is invisible (duh she’s a ghost), once the door opens Meisa will quickly look inside the house while the owner steps out to check who knocked or rang the bell. (Meisa is still freaked out about passing through doors, saying it gives her a sharp itchy feeling afterwards, so they both opted for this immature but highly effective way) Once Meisa figures it’s not the house she dreamt about she’ll step out quickly before the owner closes the door.


Aiba and Meisa were now in a gas station fuelling his car.


“KYAAAA!” Meisa was now again feeling desperate, the sun is about to go down, Aiba was coughing while he was reading the entire entry. “This is bad, it’s nearly sun down and we’re not even close!” She fears that her second day’s gonna past again without any chance of clarity.


“Nice.” Aiba whispered, Meisa turned around and saw him focused on the book. “Anou,  the third house we went before we had our gas refilled is the one with the gaijin right?”


“U-huh and your point is?” Meisa nodded and Aiba grinned wider.


“Cool! I’ll ask her out, Riida even has her number! This is not just a purchase log! This is a black book of all cute girls in Tokyo! Riida’s a genius!” Aiba beamed, much to Meisa’s annoyance.


“WHAT THE! I HATE YOU!” Meisa screamed startling Aiba, who is now sporting an in-ear bluetooth device just in case he talks out loud so people wouldn’t think he’s talking to himself.


“Why!?” he closed the book shut.




“NANDE?!” A bystander totally scared with eye ready to pop out of its socket gasped when he saw the car door slammed on its own.


“Ah hahaha!” Aiba laughed and quickly took the gas tube out of his tank and closed it and went inside the car.


Meisa was crying and Aiba noticed it, he felt guilty he took out a tissue and offered it to her.


“Stupid, I can’t use tissue.” Meisa wrapped her arms around her body.


“I know, but I still want to offer it to you.” He gestured to put the tissue closer towards her face.


“You’re insulting me…” Meisa glared at him, Aiba gave a soft smile.


“I’m not, I am doing this not because I want to insult you, I’m doing this cause I sincerely wish to dry your tears and calm you. I’m sorry ‘tis my bad.” Aiba pouted and looked like a sad puppy feeling guilty.


“I just… I just know that we went through all those addresses inside that book but we still have not find that house who knew me. I feel helpless.” Meisa’s eyes were getting drowned with tears.


“Don’t be, if God finds a way for us to be stuck together, then he will also find a way for us to solve all of these problems.” Aiba then slowly placed his palm against Meisa’s cheeks.


“How does it feel holding me? Ice-cold?” She expected for Aiba to agree or make fun of her but then Aiba just smiled.


“Feels like holding a vulnerable cute girl who happens to cry a lot, and needs to be reminded to smile though your heart is breaking cause when there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by.” Aiba assured her, then slowly put down his hand which are now pale due to the coldness.


“That’s a song huh.” She smiled.


“Yeah Jun’s favorite and Sho’s as well….and just a few of the American songs I listen to.” Aiba smiled then started the engine. “I have that song in a CD, wait.” Aiba started looking for a CD when, “Uh-oh, the book!” the book fell on the car floor and even passed through Meisa’s feet. “Gomen!” Aiba stopped the car and picked it up; fearing that the book passing through Mei might offend her. “Are?!” Aiba noticed a paper slipped out of the book then slowly he picked it up. “One last address…”


“Say what?” Mei looked at the paper.


“We have one last address left! Let’s go!” Aiba smiled so wide. “I know that look…”


“What look?” she covered her mouth.


“That’s the look of doubting! Stop doubting and start believing. Remember smile no matter what!” Aiba cheered then drove off.


They finally reached the house, Aiba and Meisa stood in front of the door.


“Ready?” Aiba asked, Meisa nodded and knocked then ran towards the nearby bush and hid behind it.


“Hello?” A lady answered.


And as if slow motion, Meisa’s heart leapt and a smile appeared on her face—the lady closed the door, Aiba went straight to see Mei unsure if he’ll see another sad and disappointed girl however, this time she was smiling. She turned and faced him teary-eyed. She nodded for confirmation.


“It’s her.” She can’t help but smile and cry at the same time.


Aiba nodded then knocked another time.


“What!?” The lady opened the door again, “Uwa….” She covered her mouth to see Aiba Masaki standing in front of her. “Ma…masaki?”


“Hai, can I ask a few questions?” Aiba asked, the lady nodded and ushered them inside.




“So you want to know if I recently sell a photo of Satoshi-san?” she asked when she finished serving teas and sat in front of Aiba and Mei. “Yes I did, a day ago.”


“A day ago?” Aiba beamed as if feeling a jackpot, “Can you tell me how’d you know this person and how’d she contact you? Her name or her address?”


Mei held her breath waiting for her response.


“I…I wish I could, but she was just referred to me by someone…you know in our fandom we usually just contact by messages and I’m sorry I informed a lot of people that I am selling a Freestyle painting and she just happened to just popped in and personally asked me if she can buy it. She said she’d rather make transaction personally rather than by mails.” She explained, Meisa closed her eyes and felt disappointment coming in again.


“Personally?” Aiba asked.


“Yes. Unlike other buyers who prefer mailing or messages, she was really persistent, a really determined girl.” She smiled.


“Persistent huh? Seriously ma’am, you have no idea HOW PERSISTENT SHE CAN BE!” Aiba giggled, Meisa found this annoying cause obviously Aiba’s making fun of her again that she decide to poke his head with her hand. “AH COLD!”


“Are you ok?” the lady leaned away when Aiba stood up and rubbed his ear.


“Yes.” He glared at Meisa who was now looking away. “So don’t you even know her name?”


“Well she said her name is Natsumi.” she said the stopped, nodded “Yeah Natsumi, she said that.”


When they exited the house, Aiba left a signature in a promise that the girl will not reveal to the world what had just happened. Aiba saw Meisa standing at the end of the balcony, right in front of stairs. They weren’t to find anything much today and the seller was totally guilty that she was not able to be of help.


“Natsumi?” he asked, although it felt weird that he was now used to using Meisa as her name, he walked beside her. She was staring as the sun slowly sets. “Daijoubu?”


She clasped her chest as the sun sets and the sky slowly turns into a shade of dark blue..


“My name is Natsumi, I’m Natsumi….a fan of Ohno Satoshi right? I bought a painting and said I want to buy something more. I’m a big spender, aren’t I!?” she said, catching Aiba off guard and made him snort into laughter (he was expecting Meisa to be serious).


“Let’s go home Natsu---“ Aiba said cause it’s getting late anyways.


“Meisa.” She finished his sentence then looked at Aiba, “I’d rather be referred to as Meisa than Natsumi….”


“Meisa.” Aiba smiled, she nodded then Aiba showed her the way and they both went down the stairs. Though Meisa and Aiba failed to know more about who she is, she is at least able to know her name.


The night sky came as they drove home; Aiba found the CD and started playing the song as Meisa lean on the car seat and stare at the stars.


“The 2nd day is over…” she said with a pain stabbing her chest.


“Yeah, it’s done.” Aiba said and slowly drive away, somehow he wanted to drive slower as if it’ll make the night go slower and prevents the 3rd day from coming. As the song plays, the chorus lingered inside the car:


“Smile though your heart is aching,

Smile even though it’s breaking,

When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by...”


Meisa smiled when she turned around….Aiba was bobbing his head as he relaxes along the song…


“If you smile through your pains and sorrow,

Smile and maybe tomorrow,

You’ll see the sun come shining through, for you….”


Aiba noticed that Meisa was smiling at him…he giggled…


“Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be so ever so near…”


That moment, there was never a moment in Meisa’s life that she wanted to thank God that her channel is this baka who currently is driving, who bobs his head to the tune right now, the baka that has ideas of a five year old, who is grumpy when wakes up, who coughs a lot recently and who freaks out in the smallest thing….


“That’s the time you must keep on trying,

Smiling what’s the use of crying.

You’ll find the life still worth while, if you just smile…”


But this baka taught her the most beautiful lesson in the world….the lesson of smiling.



× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.

Day 2 (Part1) – So her name is...


A brown door…




“Coming!!” a lady replied. She feels excited and can’t help but grin whenever the idea pops inside her head, just a few more second she’ll get her hands on one of his original paintings.


The door open and a lady slightly older than her appears, the lady gave out a huge smile and welcomed her in. She entered the room quietly anticipating and clenches her purse tighter.


“You came earlier than expected.” The lady went inside a room and roams her eyes inside her brown floored loft.


“Hai, I need to get something after this. Sorry I know I told you I’ll pass by around 9pm but I figured since I was within the area—might as well try checking if you’re home already.” She replied biting her lips in excitement. “Is 7:30 pm too early for you? I’m sorry!”


“No no! It’s totally fine, I was just not able to properly pack it though. Here, if you want to check.” The lady steps outside of her room and handed her a small frame. She flips it over and smiles as wide as she ran finger on top of a caricature of an African-American.


“I feel really bad having to sell my copy but I really need money to go back to Okinawa.” The lady explained.


“Ah it’s so pretty…” she smiled, she looked at the lady who is obviously torn between wanting to give the painting away or keeping it. “Are you really sure of selling this?”


“Yes, besides my husband-to-be is not a fan of that painting, he’s awfully jealous.” She winked.


Both of them laughed.


“Here, let me put it in a paper bag for you.” The lady took the painting and placed it inside a bag.


“And umm, here you go.” She took money out of her pocket, the set of money that was properly bundled and separated from the rest. She really saved up for this. The lady finally gave her the bag and walked her out of the door.


“Thank you very much!” She smiled and held the bag tighter when turned around and bowed.


“Take care of Satoshi’s painting for me ok?” the lady winked at her. “By the way what’s your name?”


“Oh,how rude of me not to properly introduce myself. My name is---“


“AH!” She suddenly woke up, breathing heavily then rubbed her neck. The dream, it was so real, everything was clear. Her head hurts a little but damn it when she realized she woke up at the most crucial moments, she started kicking frantically.


“Oi oi oi!” Aiba’s came inside the room, “What are you doing?! You’re making my bed shake! You’re like turning to poltergeist and not just a ghost!”


“Oh sorry.” She answered quickly, still hating herself for waking up; it was so close, she could’ve known who she was. “Chotto.” She sat up straighter and looked at the watch near Aiba’s bed, its 7am right now. “OH MY GOD, SECOND DAY!”


“Ah yeah…” Aiba stopped and remembered that each day really counts for her.


“What do you mean ‘ah yeah’, you forgot already?!” she glared at Aiba who quickly shook his head. “No stop denying you’re pretty much the biggest give awayalready! Jeez. Take a chill pill.” Aiba said as he muffled his hair. She stood up, put her hand on her waist and grinded her teeth.


“What’s wrong with you?” Aiba asked, he noticed how serious she was.  “Bad dream?”


“No, wait did someone call?” she asked quickly, Aiba stopped and closed his lips tighter, he was hoping that she wouldn’t remember but she did. To be honest, Aiba didn’t sleep at all, well at first he tried to sleep but when he rolled to his left and then felt as if he was douched with ice-cold water…sleeping beside a cute ghost became a big no-no. So he transferred onto the sofa but then realized that the clock was at around 12am at that time; so instead of sleeping he couldn’t help but stare at the phone waiting patiently whole night if there’ll be a call; he also took the liberty of taking that time for memorizing his butai lines.


She suddenly felt her heart sunk, Aiba’s silence and avoidance of eye contact says it all.


“Don’t worry! I’m sure there’ll be a call. I’m sure of it!” Aiba quickly tried to encourage her, she just smiled. “So what did you dream about?”


“Well, it’s weird. I hate myself for waking up right at the moment when someone asked me who I was.” She pinched her lips while thinking.


“Let me get this straight, you dreamed vividly? Like in details?” Aiba asked then threw his butai script on the bed, the next batch of line memorization can wait.


“Yeah why? It’s just a dream, it doesn’t matter besides I failed to get my name.” she never felt so disappointed, but come to think of it, she actually has no idea when was the last time she got disappointed.


“CLUES!” Aiba felt like a lightning strike hit him, he punched his fist with his other hand and pointed at her “Can’t you see!”


“Huh? You’re scaring me again, and I’m the ghost in this conversation.” she replied quickly.


“No no no, what I meant was…the dreams you are having can be clues! Like where were you at the last time before you know, you forgot everything!” Aiba cheered.


It took a few moments but then…




“YATTA! YOU’RE RIGHT! OH MY GOD YOU MADE SENSE! ABOUT TIME!” She finally started jumping up and down, there’s no hurt in trying right? Considering her situation’s the most highly unlikeable possibility is the definite probability, she nodded at Aiba then started closing her eyes.


Aiba swallowed when she started mumbling while her eyelashes batted a few times while she reminisce the whole dream.


“How did it start again? I…I was in an apartment…then I went to buy something.” She remembered.


“Can you remember what you bought?” he asked trying to get himself together and not get smitten by how cute his ghostly companion actually is as she try to squeeze out information from her head.


“I bought a painting of an African-American guy, then it was a weird painting though, like a caricature.” She opened her eyes.


“Then?” Aiba asked more, he was leaning closer towards the girl, she looked up.


“Aiba too close.” She butted.


“Ah gomen, okay continue.” Aiba slipped his hands to his pockets, cursing himself for leaning a little bit too close than what he wanted to.


“When I was about to leave, the seller mentioned about taking care of….shoot I forgot who…wait…gimme a second here.” she clenched both of her arms into a fist trying to squeeze out another information, Aiba again giggled at the site of this. “Crap!” she frustratingly tugged her hair towards the left side of her neck and turned on the bed; she couldn’t remember she wanted to cry now.


“Hey hey, don’t pressure yourself” Aiba got worried and wanted to tell her to take her time, but then realized time is something they both don’t have.


“I don’t know, argggh!” She sat on the bed and lowered her head, Aiba sat beside her. “Why can’t I remember anything! WHY!” she opened her eyes, then wind blew inside Aiba’s room.


“AAH SATOSHI-KUN’S DRAWING!” Aiba was able to catch Ohno’s drawing right before it flew out of the window.


“SATOSHIIIIIII!!” She stood up when she heard the name, startling Aiba, she started smiling “She said take care of Satoshi’s painting for me! I bought a painting of Satoshi, which is the guy you call Riida, right?” she asked, Aiba nodded. “YATTA! That’s one of the things I did before this…does that help?”


Aiba stopped and looked at Ohno’s drawing, then remembered that Ohno is fond of African-American paintings especially when he did his “Freestyle” exhibition.


“Yoshi! Ike!” Aiba gave her a congratulatory smile and they both went to see Ohno’s place.


~knock knock knock~


“I’m nervous.” She said.


“Don’t be, I’m sure things will go ok.” Aiba reassured her.


“Why are you always positive?” she asked in complete bewilderment.


Aiba just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “’Cause when you stop being positive then that’s the saddest thing in the world.”


For a moment she was caught off guard and felt her jaw drop, Aiba noticed this and smiled proudly he wanted to rub it in her face the for once he made total sense when…


“Oh!” the door opened and revealed an obviously just woken up Riida. “Aiba.”


“Hi!” Aiba waved his hand..


“Ggot my lures?” he asked quickly, Aiba shook his head and he quickly started closing the door. Aiba quickly stopped the door from closing and pushed it gently to open. “It’s freaking too early Aiba, today’s our day off let me sleep!”


“Demo! Anou!!!” Aiba wanted to say something.


“You could’ve gotten my lures now and I’ll let you in and disturb me but no you haven’t—“ Riida was really pissed, he slept at around 2am today so he just want to forget that Aiba ever knocked at all.


“I will get you more lures!” Aiba begged, Riida stopped closing the door and opened it, giving Aiba an interested yet bargaining look.


“More lures?” Riida raised his eyebrow.


“Hai, just let me in and see your workshop.” Aiba closed his lips really tight; he knows how secretive Ohno is when it comes to his artwork.


Ohno yawned and scratched his head.


“Fine. Follow me. I want more lures for this.” He pointed at Aiba who nodded like crazy.


“Your Riida gets lured by lures… Ironic.” She whispered.


“Ironic isn’t it?” Aiba winked and they both laughed.


Riida ushered Aiba (and of course she followed) towards the a small shack behind his house, he flickered the lights open and Aiba slowly let himself in (again, she followed as well)


“Aiba” Riida hugged himself “Why is it when I’m around you its really cold! Is the air in your lungs leaking?” Ohno managed to kid around to lighten up the mood.


“Ummm I don’t know. Maybe.” Aiba looked a little bit panicky and she stood up straighter. Aiba then started coughing, which made her worried cause she can remember hearing last night Aiba’s coughs as well.


“You’ve been coughing a lot lately, have you checked with a doctor?” Riida asked, Aiba shook his head while he knocked his chest.


“No time, anyways can you give me a moment with your paintings?” Aiba asked wiping his mouth, he then looked at Riida who was puzzled why would Aiba ask for moment with him. “Just you know so I can appreciate your art more!”


“Aiba you’re getting weirder and weirder as day passes.” Riida shook his head and left.


Aiba quickly turned around to see the girl roaming inside the shack; he stood beside her as she looks frantically from one painting to another.


“These are indeed similar to the painting I purchased, but not of them are the ones I exactly bought.” She was feeling sad again about failing to see that particular painting. Aiba bit his lips feeling frustrated and wanting to do something. He then noticed a black book on the table, he took it and started browsing.


“What’s that?” she stood beside him.


“Toumei ningen, you’re too close it’s getting cold…” Aiba interrupted, she quickly stepped aside.


“Toumei ningen?!” she realized what he called her and started thinking.


“Well I just figured I’d give you a name cause I’m getting tired of calling you ‘you’” Aiba looked at her, she pouted and he figured he needs to explain more. “You know, see-through human? Like a ghost…cause calling you a ghost is a little bit harsh right?”


“Totally harsh!” she glared.


“See!” Aiba flipped opened the book.


“But Toumei ningen I do get it, still isn’t it too long?” she looked uncomfortable.


Aiba looked up, “it is, ne? Let’s figure out your name later.”


“Fine.” She smiled, they stared at each other a little bit longer than she expected that something inside of her did a somersault. “Wait.” She tried getting her composure and Aiba coughed “So about that book?”


“Oh this, purchase log of all paintings he sold…uwa! He included the addresses and names!” he said proudly, “Toumei----eto...Mei!”


“Mei sounds good!” she was getting excited, Aiba’s idea is somehow creeping inside her head now.


“Mei, yeah. Let’s go with Mei. Anyway, Mei we can go check all of these addresses out so we can know who purchased the painting you bought then we can ask her who you are!”


“YATTA!!!” Mei jumped up and down then hugged Aiba, but suddenly




“COOOOOOOOLD!” AIba jumped up and down, and Mei hugged herself, catching her balance because she almost felt as if she’s about to fall off the ground. She looked back at Aiba who was busy jumping up and down and rubbing his body for heat.


“Gomen.” She gave out a peace sign while Aiba gave her a what-the-hell look.


“You know what, you shouldn’t be called Mei. It doesn’t suit you.” Aiba retorts. “We just agreed with Mei then you go changing again!? You have issues.” Mei made sure her eyes were beaming with anger as she looked at Aiba.


“Yeah. It should be…. MEISA! Right! Meisa. Mei from Toumei ningen. Sa… saa… sa..” He continued thinking. “Sa? Stop making names and stop wasting Day 2, it’s not funny anymore.” Mei passed through Aiba to piss him off.

“AH! CUT THAT OUT! SAMUI! TOTTEMO SAMUI! AH! Samui! AHHHHH! I got it!” Another lightbulb moment for Aiba. “What ‘I got it’ are you talking about now!?” Mei’s irritation was hinted in her voice as she was getting ready to pass through Aiba again.


Holding out a stop gesture before her Aiba said, “Mei from Toumei Ningen and Sa from Samui. MEISA! WAHAHAHA, I’m such a genius!” Mei’s lips suddenly went from a frown turned upside down. “You know what Aiba… that’s not such a bad idea after all.”


“It’s settled. You are Meisa.”


× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.

Day 1(Part1) - The Channel and The Spirit


Aiba slowly wakes up, meeting the white ceiling. His heart is now beating normally, he opened his mouth halfway. He placed his hand on top of his heart and breathing peacefully.


“What a dream.” He told himself, he concluded that he must’ve been reading too much of his butai script that he actually dreamt about a ghost. He twitched his right eye as he started thinking, “…but I must say she’s a really cute ghost.” He blushed and giggled.


“I’m cute? Thank you.” The girl’s head popped on top of his view.


“KYA!” Aiba jumped off the bed in shock, and when he did his head passed through the girl’s upper body… “EEK!! FREAKY! FREAKY! FREAKY! SO COLD!” Aiba shuddered and jumped up and down, brushing his head and hands as if dusting them. The moment he passed through the girl’s upper body, his head felt so cold and it was freaky.  “KYAAA!!” he cried in torture.


“Will you stop freaking out?!” the girl shouted, Aiba clasped his hand over his mouth hoping to stop shouting. “If there’s one person who should get freaked out right now it’s me! I’m the one who passes through things!” she screamed, Aiba’s husky high pitched screaming is making her ears hurt.


“This. This is not true…I’m just tired…HAHAHA I’M TOO TIRED! THAT’S IT! MASAKI IS TIRED. MASAKI IS TIRED, NE? NE?” A delusional Aiba went straight to the bathroom and washed his face; he pat dried his face with a towel and laughed his hearts out. “Come on I’m too much engrossed with the script I ended up seeing things.”


He put down his towel.


“I’m still here.” The girl said as she tried leaning on the door but passed through though “KYA!” good thing she was able to stand up back and get her balance.


Aiba stares at her, his left eyebrow twitching especially when the girl giggled in embarrassment for almost falling down.


“Hahahaha…” Aiba forced a laugh, “This, this is just an imagination. You are a fragment of my fatigue, I should really learn how to take care of myself. Wait…I know!” Aiba had a lightbulb moment, an idea. He quickly maneuvered himself, carefully making sure he wouldn’t be able to touch this mysterious girl. He went straight inside the medicine cabinet that he hid a few days ago. “Where is it? Where…” he took one bottle out after another, “AAAHAAA!” he took out a huge bottle, the girl was now standing in front of him getting scared at how Aiba is acting. “You see this?” Aiba playfully shook the bottle in front of her, she nodded. “This will make you disappear…”


“Me? Disappear?” she pointed at herself.


Aiba took out a couple of pills…stared at it and grinned.


“Anti-stress pills, Matsumoto-san gave me this and told me a maximum of two, YOSH!” Aiba took the two pills and closed his eyes when he swallowed. “She’ll be gone, she’ll be gone…” Aiba opens his eyes and put his head down. “Uwa.” He can’t believe it, she’s gone! She’s no longer in front of him. “This works?!?” Aiba looks at the bottle with complete gratitude when…


“Nope not working.” The girl startled him and was now standing right on his left.


“KYA!” Aiba got shocked and accidentally threw the bottle on the sink behind him, “YABUNAI!” Aiba and the girl turned around, and were stunned to see all the pills running down the drain.


“Well it’s better not to be dependent on drugs like that, you know?” She smiled, Aiba obviously looked pissed.


“Keee.” He scoffed, “Why don’t you go away! You should be gone now!” Aiba wondered.


“Have you considered I’m not a fragment of your stress and I actually exist?!” She rolled her eyes.


“No, you don’t exist; you’re just a stress factor. Oh my God the stress is getting to me, I’m seeing things. Wait…If I ignore it, it doesn’t exist right?” Aiba figured it out, he clapped. “YOU!”


“Me?” She pointed at herself.


“You don’t exist!” he closed his eyes and with that stepped forward…




“KYA! SAMUI!” Aiba shivered, it was really cold passing through.




“LA! LA! LA! LA!” Aiba closed his ears and started humming.


“What the? Hey…hey! I SAID HEY!” the girl called out for Aiba, but he continued walking towards back to his room and getting his towel.


“Lalalalala, you don’t exist! Lalalala I can’t hear you!” Aiba pretended and forced himself to ignore the girl’s calling his name. He opened the bathroom door and hang his towel.


“FINE! IF I DON’T EXIST…” the girl wrapped her hand around her body and raised one eyebrow. “If I don’t exist then you don’t mind if this nonexistent person enters the bathroom and watch you take a bath butt naked!”


“Lala----eh?” Aiba stopped, he looked at her and she looked she means business. He quickly pointed “YOU!”


“Oh now I suddenly exist?! Haha! Look at the odds of that. One moment I don’t exist, the next moment I do! I’m so great!” she sarcastically clapped her hands.


“Urusai!” Aiba barked at her. “You, you stay here. Don’t even dare! Or else…”


“Or else what? By the way, I am not your dog to command at.” she mocked him.


“OR ELSE I’M GONNA GET A WITCH DOCTOR AND CHANT YOU AWAY! I know a lot! I’ve been to Africa a lot you know!” he proudly bragged.


“African shamans? What are they, you have them on speed dial!?” she mocked again.


“YEAH I DO! SO BACK OFF!” Aiba slammed the door quickly. “After a good bath I’m sure she’ll be gone right? Damn it….what’s wrong with me?”


“Tsk...” the girl cussed and sat on Aiba’s bed. “Oh.” She looked at the bed, “I didn’t pass through. Cool. Wait. Is that a good thing?”


After Aiba took a bath he exited the bathroom, first his head popped out of the door…


“is she still here?” he wondered.


“I’m still here.” She was now getting bored with this conversation with Aiba.


“Damn it, the drug should’ve been working now right?” He exited, revealing a fully clothed Aiba, he took his brush.


“Anou…”She stood up, Aiba was still focused in brushing his hair, “I think the reason I ended up with you is I need your help?”


“Huh?” Aiba put down his brush, “Wait first. Remember, you don’t exist right? Why would something that doesn’t exist needs my help!?”


“Hey, I respected when you took a bath and didn’t peek, you should at least respect that I happen to be around you.” The girl was now getting annoyed by Aiba’s rejection.


“I’m going to work, and hopefully before I even reach the train stop, you are gone.” He grabbed his bag and swung it over his shoulder.


“Wait for me, oi!” The girl followed Aiba as he closed his house. When Aiba closed his front door, the girl stood behind the metal railing, Aiba gleefully bid byebye but then, the girl just passed through the gates. “Damn, I should really get used to that.”


“Eh…” Aiba turned to the left and continued walking. “Aiba just continued walking, thinking that she’ll disappear like all ghosts you encountered before is like this right? But then none of them talks to you like her, she’s like an actual person….damn it.”


“You, please listen to me, I have a problem, I can’t reme- hey…hey you stop walking too fast! Wait, I don’t know your name.” the girl was slowly getting left behind, Aiba turned to the right and walked through an alley way still contemplating why on earth is he stuck with a spirit.


“Alms? Donations? Reading?” A semi-blind old gypsy was sitting at the end of the alleyway with her small table and a crystal ball and shuffling her tarot cards. A seriously annoyed Aiba passed her and suddenly… “Aaah reading?”


Aiba waved his hand like he usually does…


“You have a very beautiful lady following you son.” The gypsy smiled, Aiba stopped walking and looked at her. “You shouldn’t let a lady like her run after you, even ghost gets tired you know.”


“YOU BAKA!” the girl was able to chase Aiba and stopped to catch her breath. “You walk too fast! I hate you! Look I don’t know why I am here but listen to me, hey are you listening?!” the girl cried out when she saw Aiba staring at the gypsy.


“Aaah, she’s a lost soul ne?” the gypsy stared at the girl, though they gypsy’s eyes were now covered with cataract the girl freakishly felt as if she’s seeing her like how Aiba does. “A lost soul between heaven and hell, stuck in the world with the person that matters to her the most.”


“EH!?” Aiba and the girl said in unison.


“I don’t even know her!” aiba wondered.


“Neither do I!” the girl cried out.


“You don’t know who I am? I am Aiba Masaki of Arashi! Crap, I said it too loud.” Aiba felt insulted.




“Aah, tsk tsk tsk, lost souls, isn’t it sad they don’t know who they are, or what happened to them.”


The girl suddenly became quiet.


“Lost souls are roaming the earth, trying to complete their unfinished businesses.” The gypsy continued.


“Wait, lost soul…huh? Does that mean I’m dead?! Oh god, I’m dead! Am I dead?! Wait what huh!?! NANDE KORE!”the girl started freaking out.


“Oi don’t freak out!” Aiba waved his hand.


“Why can’t I freak out?  I allowed you to freak out a while ago!”


“Just calm down!”




“She’s not dead, nobody knows if she is really dead.” The gypsy interrupted the two from fighting.


“What do you mean she’s not dead?”Aiba sat back in front of the gypsy.


“I’m not d-d-d-dead?” the girl beamed.


“Well we’re not sure of the details yet, she may or may not be dead. But what matter is, she needs to complete her unfinished business, cause if she doesn’t—she will not be able to go through the light…” the gypsy shuffled he cards more.


“What do you mean light? I don’t want to go through a light! That means I’m gonna die right? It’s like affirming I’m dead, tell her Aiba! Ask her about the light!” she shook Aiba’s shoulder, which resulted to failing cause her hands just passed through, much to Aiba discomfort.


“STOP!  IT’S COLD! Anou, what do you mean lig—“ Aiba was about ask,


“Light, either leads to heaven, hell or back on earth. She’s a wandering soul, no clue like a baby, and you are her channel to help her figure out what she’s meant for.” The gypsy pointed at Aiba with her scary old finger.


“Ore?!” Aiba pointed at himself. “No no no, I’m too busy to even bother helping her.”


“You two are meant to be, a lost soul is attached to his/her channel no matter what, for the channel can only be the one to help a soul like hers.” The gypsy smiled, slowly reached out for Aiba’s hand. Aiba and the girl held their breath wondering if the gypsy will mysteriously chant or read his palm….when…



“That’ll be 1000yen, mister.”


“EH!!” Aiba and the girl flipped. Aiba stood up.


“Chotto, I don’t want to be her channel, I’m very busy can’t it be move to someone else? Is there a remote so I can switch?!!?” Aiba asked and gestured a remote and started pressing, the girl rolled her eyes in annoyance.


“That’ll be another 1000 yen…”


“JUST PAY BAKA!” the girl jeered.


“Fine!” Aiba took out his wallet and slammed 2000yen on the table, the gypsy took the money and smiled; he waits in anticipation for the gypsy’s reply.


“No.” she replied..


“I paid a 1000 yen just to get a flat monotonic NO!?” Aiba fell off his chair. Aiba’s phone started vibrating, he checked and it’s his manager. He’s probably looking for him now in their meet up place, “Tsk. I have to go.” He thought whatever he has got to do to get this so-called lost soul off his back HAS TO WAIT, he is a very busy idol and has no time for it.


“Be careful and don’t take your time.” The gypsy called out just when Aiba was now about 3 meters away, Aiba and the girl turned around to look at the gypsy. “A lost soul only has 10 days to complete her unfinished business or else….”


“Or else what?” the girl’s heart was pumping really fast.


“Or else she’ll get stuck on earth being a wandering soul no idea of who she is….completely empty.” The gypsy said scaring the girl, she looked at Aiba, he too looked worried.


“Aiba…” Her chilly voice echoed into Aiba’s ear as she her hands firmly together.




Aiba took out his phone, answered it and giving the girl a few painstaking minutes of agony.


“Gomen, I am fully booked for today…” Aiba answered.


“Aah day 1 starts today you know…” the gypsy interrupted.


“Will you stop butting in, you old geezer!” Aiba was now frustrated but more so confused, “Seriously, she’s blind but she has some weird strong hearing!” Aiba scoffed, “Look, I’ll figure out something….just…I don’t know.”


“Stay with you?” the girl blurted out, trying to finish Aiba’s sentence; if that is in fact what he meant to say.


Aiba stopped and licked his lips.


“Yeah stay with me, we’ll figure things out. We have 10 day. We can do a lot in 10 days. Yosh, let’s go.” And with that Aiba hurriedly accelerated his page and the girl followed.

Click here for Part2 of Day 1


× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.



Day 1(Part2) - The Channel and The Spirit

 “Oh aren’t you late?! AHAHA KARMA FOR BEING PISSED OFF AT ME.” Nino called for Aiba.


Aiba and the girl looked at each other, Nino ran towards Aiba.


“Uh…wait…” Aiba raised his hand to stop a running cause well….he just happened to be running straight towards the girl. But alas, too late, Nino ran pass through the girl that made him stopped on his tracks.


“EH! IT’S COLD SUDDENLY!” Nino hugged himself and looked around him, “What the hell.”


“Ooooh….” Aiba and the girl looked at each other, then around them; figuring out that they are the only ones seeing each other.


“Anyways, you have the ticket?” Nino opened his hand.


“Gomen! I forgot to call the director of the play.”


“Ah ok.” Nino’s slim figure could not take the sudden chill that ran down his spine. “Yada. This place feels creepy.” Nino rubbed his harms trying to keep warm, turned around and walked back to the group.


Aiba bit his lower lips, he remembered Nino may not be the type to see ghosts, but he feels them.


“Hey you, umm….” He scratched the back of his ear, the girl looked down. “I think you shouldn’t stand too close to me, or else…”


“Somebody might feel me. Got it.” She finished his sentence.


“yeah.” Aiba was relieved that he’s stuck with a ghost who is fast in comprehension, he then noticed the girl looking worried; definitely because of the 10 day deadline. “Look, this will just be fast. Promise, it’ll be over before you know it.” He gave a faint smile to give the worried girl some reassurance.


“Promise?” She gave Aiba the puppy dog eyes, his heart jumped a little.


Stop it Masaki. Don’t feel like that, she’s a freaking ghost! She’s not… cute. Aiba chanted to himself. He nodded, the girl pouted then pointed at the empty corner.


“I’ll just stay there then.” The girl walked away, Aiba nodded.


“Aiba-chan!” Sho was calling him now.


“Ahh, ha-ha-hai.” Aiba followed.


The whole day was filled with Arashi activitie:, four interviews, 2 photoshoots and a guesting—making  the frustration build up between Aiba and the girl. Aiba was now trying his best to avoid deadly stares from her but she couldn’t do anything but just silently continue cursing why on earth does her channel have to be such a busy person.


It’s now 2 pm and caterers are serving late lunch. Aiba took his bento and saw on the far corner, he gripped his bento and wondered…


“Excuse me.” Aiba stood up and hurried to walk towards the girl, she glared at him and he bowed.


“it’ll just be quick huh!? Quick, my ass.” She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head backward, “Argghhh there goes my first day! God, it’s like I’m babysitting you are something.”


“Aren’t girls usually relieved when their first day ends? Cause that means the crampings will lighten?” Aiba joked referring to the first day of menstrual cramps; but he was just met with a raised eyebrow and a dead pan face. He coughed and sat beside the girl “Here eat some.”


“Oddly ghosts don’t feel hungry…” the girl replied coldly.


“Why? Food! You haven’t eaten anything! You should at least be hungry by this time.” He bit a tempura and then handed her his bento, gesturing for her to take one. She couldn’t believe how Aiba asked her so innocently, to the point that it was no longer annoying but turned out to be cute. She smirked, thinking that pawning Aiba with a sarcastic rejection, she opened her mouth. “Eh?”


“Feed me…” she said, “I feel lazy to grab a sushi.” She continued (she actually know what will happen but she just want Aiba to see it for himself)


“Ok!” Aiba took a sushi and slowly, feeds her….then when he let go, she closed her mouth but then…




“Eh?” Aiba gave the sushi an odd look.


“Fufufufu~~~” she giggled…


“Oh so that’s why…”


“finally you realized.” She looked at Aiba still oddly looking at the splatter of sushi on the floor.


“Aiba Masaki! Don’t waste food!” Jun passed by him, who was on his way to put the bento on the table nearby Aiba, “who are you talking to?”


“No one!” Aiba panicked and stood up straight. Jun walked away after giving Aiba puzzled look.


“Aiba, my first day…” she looked frustrated.


“Another missing person? Seriously a lot are popping out nowhere ne?” a couple of staff passed by them and were looking at a newspaper right on the missing paper list.


Suddenly a bright and Aiba-ish idea went into his head. “I GOT AN IDEA!” Aiba beamed. “We need a picture of you then let’s post it in the missing person list!”




“Oooooh.” Aiba stoped and looked at the ceiling, “Yeah, you’re right.”


“This is hopeless why do I have to be with a channel with a totally busy schedule and ideas of a five year old!” she slapped her head.


“Wait!” Aiba beamed again, making the girl lean away. “I got it! I got it!”


“What?” she looked scared at how Aiba is so proud of his idea.


-------------few moments later--------------------


She was standing inside a room and Aiba opened the door, he was dragging a tan shorter guy.


“Aiba!! I have Kaibutsu filming later!” the shorter guy complained when he was pushed by Aiba to sit down.


“I’m sorry Riida but I really need you to draw something for me.” Aiba bowed and his hands clasped.


“Oi I’m not a thing!” she shouted.


“Urusai!” Aiba looked at him to please cooperate with him and just shut it, she just rolled her eyes and scoffed in disbelief.


“Aiba-chan, who are you talking to? Jun’s right. You ARE talking to yourself!” Ohno pointed at him, Aiba shook his head frantically and sat beside Ohno. He shoved a paper and a pen to Ohno who was looking more confused than ever. “What’s this?”


“I’ll describe and you draw!” Aiba ordered.


“Oi Aiba, I’m not some police guy who makes mug photos or something!” Ohno puts the paper and pen and tried standing up.


“I’LL BUY YOU A BUNCH OF CURRY!” Aiba pulled Ohno down.


“I’m not Kaibutsu!” Ohno shouted, “Wait I am but….what the!?”


“I’LL GET YOU A BUNCH OF LURES YOU WANTED!” Aiba shouted, gripping riida really tight, the girl obviously impressed by Aiba’s idea and his so-called ‘negotiation skills’.


“Lures?” Riida looked as if he’s smirking really wide “the yellow and the one with the funny colors?”


“YES Yes!” Aiba replied, though he can feel a metaphoric stabbing pain in his wallet; those lures are not cheap at all!


“Tomorrow, okay?” Riida pointed the pen and put the cap off and pressed it gently against the paper, he looked really serious then: “Start describing”


“Ah ok” Aiba waved his hand for the girl to stand behind Ohno, the girl nodded and stood behind Ohno..


“KYA!” Ohno stopped, looked behind him, “It suddenly became cold.”


“IT’S JUST YOU!” Aiba freaked out. Even Ohno can feel her, “It’s just you Oh-chan, ok ayumm she has long hair, wears knitted clothes with some sort of human stick figures then a huge fur cap.”


“Aiba…” Ohno put down the pen and tilted his head sideways “What are you asking me to draw? A person or a set of hair and clothing? Please, don’t tell me. Manga? Could you be any more specific?”


“Gomen gomen.” Aiba bowed a couple of times, “Okay she…” Aiba looked up and for the first time focused his eyes on her, her light hazel brown eyes, the cute almond eyes that looked like taken off from an anime, her birthmark near her lower lips, her tiny nose that is pointed just at the right size, her thin yet pinkish lips. These features made Aiba’s mouth slowly fall open.


“Oi aiba…” Riida tapped Aiba’s chin to close his mouth snapping him back to reality and away from ‘i-think-my-heart-dropped-and-did-a-360-degrees-backflip’ moment. “Close your mouth. A fly might go inside.”


“Right, here goes.” Aiba took a deep breath, afraid to look up because he knows his cheeks are in a bright shade of red.


Later that night.


“Amazing!” she said in astonishment as she stares at a drawn picture of her by this Riida.


“Yeah Satoshi-kun can really draw ne? This picture is really pretty!” Aiba picked up the drawn picture and smiled at it.


“Oi, if the drawing is pretty then that makes me prettier, cause that’s just my drawing nothing beats the original you know!” she complained and wrapped her arms around her body and snobbishly looked the other way.


“Well this one is prettier cause it doesn’t talk.” Aiba sarcastically fired back.


“Ah.” She felt her mouth open with disbelief, Aiba laughed, “I hate you.”


“I hate you too.” Aiba replied and placed the drawing back on the bed.


“Do you think they’ll see the posts you made? Do you think someone will call?” she sounded sad when she looked at the clock, it’s now 10:30 pm. They came home late because Aiba fed the drawing in all the police station nearby, filing a missing person complaint. The first day is slowly dwindling away…


“I’m sure there will be.” He tried his best to reassure her, somehow he knew that the chances are slim, especially when the officer told him that even if the family provides the best pictures when they file a missing person complaint they don’t get call backs how much more a drawn one? Aiba closed his lips tighter, he noticed how worried she is as she stares at the pillow when she lay down on her side facing a sitting Aiba. He was just too happy that she didn’t hear that bad news from the police officer. He then put the drawings aside and laid beside her, putting his right arm behind his head.


“Hey you’re getting good at this huh!” Aiba joked trying to liven up the atmosphere. She wrinkled her face wondering what he’s talking about. “You know, you laying on the bed now, I was expecting you to fall or pass through like earlier today.” Giving a small laugh.


She smiled, appreciating Aiba’s efforts to cheer her up.


“Yeah practice makes perfect, even for a ghost that’s still applicable.” She winked but then, she couldn’t help but feel worried and scared…


“9 days left…” she sighed and closed her eyes.


“Don’t worry, it’s not 9 days left, but we have 9 days more.” He said, looked at his side and saw her face up closed, she nodded and her lips quivered a few moments then closed her eyes.


“9 days  mooooreee..” she uttered then slowly she was now sleeping.


Aiba turned and faced her, more he focused on her long eyelashes as it carefully moves up and down as if she’s dreaming.


A tiny smile slowly appeared on Aiba’s face.



× Title: Crossroads complexities
× Author: iemkhaye, beta: chiarainbow
× Length: 11chapter (as far as I know right now XD)
× Pairing: AibaxOC
× Rating: G
× Genre: AU, humor, drama
× Disclaimer: you need a great stretch of imagination when reading yo! =)
× Summary/Synopsis: Aiba would’ve celebrated when one day he wakes up and a girl is standing at the end of his bed post totally cute and perfectly his type…IF ONLY his hands doesn’t pass through the girl’s body and he’s the only who can see her. Having no clue why the girl’s ghost is stuck with him, they only have 10 days to know everything before everything ends sadly.


The day she popped in.


~Buzz Buzz~


Aiba opened his left eye while he was still lying on his chest, covered by muffle after muffle of bed sheet. He closed his lips tighter and wrinkled his forehead and hid himself deeper inside the comforter, stretching his hand and hit the alarm clock with hard force. He knew that it’s already 6am and this is the fourth time he pressed the coveted snooze button, but his head is still spinning inside the abyss of dreamland; besides if you are dreaming about a cute fur cap wearing girl smiling at you and holding your hand who would want to wake up right?


Aiba’s been busy recently trying to prepare for his role in the upcoming butai, something that revolves around out of body experiences. He twitched with the idea, he doesn’t know why he accepted the role at first he thought it’ll be exciting but then now that he practices the line he got stomped with the question: How to identify with a character?


“You’ll do great you see ghosts remember?” Sho told him last night when they went home together while he reads the script.


“Yeah but still, this script is kinda weird for me.” Aiba hid his script inside his bag.


“Then go ask your ghost friends! Ask them, hey how does it feel being see through, scary and untouchable!” Sho laughed, Aiba glared at him so he ended up coughing and fixed his cap.


“You’re not helping! It’s just that this script creeps me out a little.”Aiba retorted.


Aiba opens his eyes, with bed hair intact he can feel his phone vibrating on the table near the alarm clock, he stretched out his hand and tried to reach his phone.


“Moshi-moshi?” he sleepily answered…




“ITAI!” he threw away the alarm that nearly made his ear bleed, he was too sleepy that he mistaken his phone for the alarm clock and rang on his ear. He sat up and rubbed his neck and answered his phone, cursing silently.


“WHAT!?” he yelled then switched the phone to the other ear, the one that was spared from the wrath of the alarm clock.


“That’s sweet Aiba, ohayo!” A sarcastic Nino answered.


“What do you want!?” Aiba rubbed his neck and check the table beside him; he’s actually a grumpy person when he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.


“Riida and I were wondering if you can spare us tickets for your butai?” Nino asked, Aiba scoffed that Nino would call him only for that, just at the moment when he was starting to doubt if his move to actually take this role is right or not.


“I don’t know but I’ll try.” Aiba started tugging the comforter and saw the glimmering sun beam streaking on his window blinds; he never fails to stare at this empty space between the end of his bed post and the window in front of it, admiring the natural canvass painted by the sun and a few branches that dances from left to right.


“Arigatou, ja see you later ne we have a Myojo photoshoot right at nine?” Nino asked, Aiba remembered which frustrated him more; he was actually planning for this day to be Butai memorization day but turns out it wouldn’t happen. He closed his eyes and answered yes, “Are you going by the van?”


“Nino, too many questions…..I slept late last night memorizing lines, I don’t think I can answer too much question at this rate.” Aiba explained with his eyes still closed.


“Fufufufu, fine fine ja ne…” Nino cuts the line, Aiba’s hand dropped on the bed, breathing in and out. He opened his eyes hoping that the calming view of trees dancing and even a couple of birds can calm him down.


His vision slowly becomes clear…


A figure was standing right in front of him…


Uhh…probably a tree shadow?


He rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple of times…


I don’t think so…


“Ooohaa….yoo?”  The figure said.


“Ohayo.” An absent minded Aiba answered.


The figure nodded, she’s a girl with long curly locks wearing a knitted overall and a fluffy fur hat.


Aiba tilted his head, wrinkled his forehead that his eyebrow looked like it became one.


Tictoc. Tictoc. Tic. Toc.


“GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Aiba’s eyes became as wide and nearly popped his eyeballs open when he realized, A GIRL WITH LONG CURLY LOCKS WEARING A KNITTED OVERAL AND A FLUFFY FUR HAT IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!


“KYAAAA!” the girl screamed as well; then Aiba jumped so far from the bed and quickly covered himself with his blanket as if protecting himself from a rapist or something.


“WHAT ARE YOU!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! GET OUT! STALKER! INVADER! ALIEN!” Aiba grabbed his script and threatened to throw it at this stranger, he started panicking and running through his head if he locked the house properly last night? Then he looked at the window lock, it’s properly shut closed…so what the hell happened?! How’d she managed to enter!?


“Anou…” The girl raised her hands to calm a panic-stricken Aiba, but before she can even utter one more word Aiba threw his book, “KYA!” She dodged and expected to get hit when.




“Eh?” Aiba and the girl stared at the book that bounced on the floor, the girl touched her chest, and she is sure a 100% that the book hit her.


“Nande?” She looked at the book, “What the hell? The book… it… went through me.”


“G…ge…ge…get out!” Aiba confused and scared for what happened grabbed a pillow, this time it’s too big, thinking that maybe the book was too small that it just bounced off the girl. IT JUST BOUNCED AND WENT THROUGH HER! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!


“Anou-saa—“The girl looked at Aiba and her eyes went big when another pillow is fast approaching her way, she closed her eyes but then.




Aiba and the girl froze; the pillow once again past through her. Aiba’s jaw dropped, the girl clasped her mouth in total shock. Aiba’s temperature went to ice cold and he became as pale as the girl, he slowly raised his hand when the realization dawned on him.


The girl is not a crazy stalker fan that happened to barge inside his house, the girl….is a ghost.


“You’re---you’re---you’re----“ he was hyperventilating. The girl noticed this and raised her hands again trying to calm herself…


“Umm, wait…I’m a….I’m a…what…am I exactly?” the girl asked


“You’re a---g…g…..g…gho----“ Aiba’s head went spinning…


“ARE!” the girl ran towards Aiba’s side of the bed because the confused man’s head started twirling like crazy and continued uttering “gho-gho-“ nonstop.


That’s the last thing Aiba can remember for he quickly became woozy and fell flat on the bed.


So there =) Hoping to hear from you dear readers...thank you in advance!

Day1(Part1) - The Channel and The Spirit
Day1(Part2) - The Channel and The Spirit

Day2 (Part1) - So her name is...
Day2 (Part2) - So her name is...


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